William Taylor Barry Iii

“Barry” Character Profile – William Taylor Barry, Jr.

“Barry” stands as one of the season’s stand-out episodes: an exquisite, tension-building thriller that skillfully blends unexpected humor with genuine peril, finding Gene at his most aggressive. While previous installments have successfully mixed chaos and character analysis into a cohesive whole, “Barry” sets new standards in how it balances them both; also providing a glimpse of what lies ahead as the show scales its high wire act.

William Taylor Barry was an American lawyer, politician, and statesman who held numerous offices including Kentucky state legislator, lieutenant governor, judge, United States Congressman and senator, U.S. Post Master General and special envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to Spain. Additionally he was an active Freemason, belonging to Lexington Lodge No. 1 of Lexington Kentucky as well as Davies Lodge No. 22 as well as being honored to join Federal Lodge No. 1, Washington, D.C. as an honorary member.

On the day of his initial congressional election in 1826, Barry was appointed by Governor Luke P. Blackburn to the Kentucky Supreme Court. Two years later he won Democratic Party gubernatorial nomination but lost to John Davidson; shortly thereafter President Andrew Jackson appointed him Post Master General – though his term ended abruptly due to corruption allegations against him in 1835.

Barry also served as a delegate at Charleston Democratic Convention, opposing slavery; presided over Mississippi Secession Convention; and died while traveling to Spain as diplomatic representative.

Gene successfully convinces Sally to cast him in Sally’s acting class, hoping that steady work will alleviate his mood and eventually earn the forgiveness of Ryan. Meanwhile, Detective Moss conducts further interviews of actors consistent with those seen on the lipstick camera, suspecting Barry for murdering Ryan and Chechen mobsters; although initially reluctant, Barry reluctantly agrees to one last hit against Goran Vacha and Goran’s stash house where Goran forbade Vacha from killing Goran; instead taking half his money he took and hidden it at Sally’s acting class instead.

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