William Talman Net Worth

William Talman Net Worth

William Talman is one of the most successful actors in the history of the entertainment industry. He achieved success on Broadway with the roles in Dear Ruth and A Young Man’s Fancy. He later moved to Hollywood, starring in the 1949 movie Red, Hot and Blue. He also had a number of other film roles. Unfortunately, Talman’s marriage ended in divorce. His wife claimed that Talman had treated her with extreme cruelty.

Tim Talman’s acting career

William Talman’s acting career began on the stage. He played the male lead in “Dear Ruth.” After a stint on Broadway, Talman married another actress, Barbara Read, and had two children, Timothy and Susan. His first marriage ended in divorce, and he was divorced again in 1967.

The actor has a varied background, and his work ranges from guest spots to major roles in television shows. He was a supporting player on Perry Mason, and later guest-starred on TV shows such as “Wagon Train,” “Have Gun, Will Travel,” “Cimarron City,” and “Gunsmoke.” In addition to his film roles, Talman has also directed several films, including “American Sniper.”

Tim Talman is the son of actor William Talman, who was famous for playing district attorney Perry Mason on the show Perry Mason. He started acting when he was young and studied at the University of San Diego. He then pursued his acting career, appearing in several TV shows and theater productions.

William Talman’s postwar roles

After his wartime service, Talman returned to Broadway in 1946, but his postwar roles were limited. His wry sense of humor and live-and-let-live attitude did not translate to a stable home life. Before joining the army, Talman had married actress Lynne Carter. After the war, they divorced and she claimed he had been cruel to her. The court awarded her custody of their daughter Lynda and 24 percent of Talman’s income. His second marriage also unraveled, in part due to his overindulgence.

His family history

If you are curious about William Talman’s family history, you’ve come to the right place. This actor is from a well-to-do family. Talman started his career on stage, where he met his first wife. In his debut on Broadway, he played the male lead in “Dear Ruth.” Other early roles included “A Young Man’s Fancy” and “Beware, My Lovely.” Talman’s emergence to fame began with a role as a gangster in the 1949 film “Red, Hot and Blue.” He went on to get more roles in television shows and movies, and became a star.

Talman was married three times. His first marriage to Lynne Carter lasted from 1942 to 1952. His second marriage was to Barbara Read. The two had one daughter, Barbie. They separated in September 1959. Then, in 1963, Barbara Read committed suicide. The suicide note she left behind blamed her ill health. In 1960, Talman was arrested during a police raid at a “wild nude party.” He lost his role on “Perry Mason” because of a morals clause.

His career

Willie Talman was an actor, director, and screenwriter. His most famous role was playing Hamilton Burger, a politician who was described by The New York Times as a “built-in loser.” Despite his successes, Talman did not always have a good reputation. He was also a close friend of Raymond Burr, who suffered numerous tragedies.

Talman was married three times. His first marriage, which lasted from 1942 to 1952, produced one daughter, Lynda. His second marriage, to actress Barbara Read, produced two sons. The couple divorced in August 1960 and Talman went on to have one more marriage. His third wife, Margaret Flanagan, was an actress who was already married and had a son from her first marriage. The marriage lasted a short time as Talman overindulged.

Talman was born in Detroit and was the son of a wealthy family. His grandfather had served on George Washington’s staff during the American Revolution. He later studied law at the University of Michigan and became a professor. After earning his degree in law, he drifted to New York, where he began to play small roles on stage. He even toured with the Broadway musical Of Mice and Men.

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