Who Did Austin Butler Cheat On Vanessa With

Who Did Austin Butler Cheat on Vanessa Hudgens With?

While there have been a lot of rumors about Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens, we’re still not sure whether they are still together or not. The duo was in a long-term relationship for a while and there have been several rumours that they are engaged. But it’s been a while since the two have appeared on the scene, and the pair has not been seen much on social media.

However, this isn’t the first time that Hudgens and Butler have been linked to one another. They actually met when they were on the set of Disney’s High School Musical. In fact, they’re rumored to have been dating for five years, but they reportedly broke up in 2012. At the time of their breakup, they were promoting their film, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, and it seems like they were enjoying their time apart.

Austin and Vanessa haven’t talked about their relationship too much, and the duo hasn’t been photographed much in the last few months. However, there have been a few tidbits that have come to light. For example, Vanessa recently tweeted about spending time alone on her winter getaway. She also told Cosmopolitan UK that they were living in harmony. This isn’t the first time that fans have questioned their romance.

The other big news about their breakup is that Austin has dated his co-star in the upcoming Elvis Presley biopic. Although they haven’t been mentioned in the same breath, Austin has had a few flirtatious moments with his co-star. So, we’re not sure what exactly he was up to in his off-screen time.

There have been a few rumors that Austin and Olivia DeJonge were dating when they split from Hudgens. During the January and February of this year, a few fans questioned the relationship between the actors. When asked on an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Hudgens mentioned that she was “dating” Butler. She even hinted that it might be a long-term affair.

Of course, this didn’t stop fans from wondering if Austin had something to hide. After all, the star has been known to take a few extramarital flings, which might explain the frequent absences from social media. Some fans are convinced that Austin is trying to reclaim his halo by playing up his previous roles as Vanessa’s love interest.

It’s been almost a year since Austin and Vanessa announced their split, and it looks as though the duo are going to have to work out their differences before they can move forward. Hopefully, the two will find some time to reconnect. Until then, we’ll have to enjoy the best parts of their long-term relationship: their fun times.

Ultimately, the real answer to who did austin butler cheat on vanessa with is probably something else entirely. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the coming years. Until then, enjoy some of the sweet moments from their eight-year relationship. Besides, we’re sure they’ll keep making more.

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