Where Did David Cruz Start Walking From

Walking For His Faith – Where Did David Cruz Start Walking From?

David Cruz has become a viral internet phenomenon since beginning his journey across the US from Pennsylvania. Now in Dothan, his goal is to walk all the way from Pennsylvania to Miami Florida – his journey could last an entire year!

Cruz has been walking for roughly a year and has made great strides along his journey, meeting numerous people along the way and hearing their stories as well as hearing support from family and friends following along on this exciting adventure.

Cruz has encountered many people along his walk, such as the founder of a local church and an army veteran. They shared an amazing hiking experience together – something Cruz credits as providing him peace and clarity. Cruz remains grateful for all it has brought him on his journey.

On his journey, he has seen many beautiful places and visited some national parks. One of his favorite spots to walk has been through Colorado’s majestic mountains; and Florida is known for its beautiful beaches; all this make his journey truly enjoyable and he hopes to continue it as long as he can.

He’s found great peace on his journey and was able to share it with those he met along the way. He found that walking from New York to Miami Florida wasn’t just about traveling from point A to B; his journey has allowed him to bring awareness about many issues while meeting so many wonderful people along the way.

Cruz has been making the journey towards faith over the past two years and hopes to make it part of his everyday life as long as possible. Through this journey he has reached many people and hopes that it continues to expand. Along his travels he has made new friendships that he wants to maintain as long as possible; all while raising much needed awareness. Cruz is very thankful for everything that life has offered him so far!

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