What Is Jermaine Boddie Net Worth

What is Jermaine Boddie Net Worth?

Jermaine Boddie is a world-renowned personality. He is well-known for his street racing career. Throughout his life, he has received several prestigious accolades. In addition, he has become an inspirational figure for people all over the world.

Boddie started his career in street racing at a very young age. His father, Albert ‘Kenny’ Boddie, was a well-known figure in the car game. Throughout his childhood, Kenny’s passion for street racing was a big influence on Jermaine’s life.

Boddie is a member of the renowned Street Outlaws. Originally from California, Boddie has been competing in the race scene for decades. As a result, he is known as one of the top-rated drivers in the sport. Despite his success, he is not particularly open about his personal life. Nevertheless, he does provide a phone number for his fans to contact him. The number is also available on several websites, including Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to his role on the show, Boddie is also the owner of a street racing team, Team Boddie Racing. The team is renowned for their high-speed races and their popularity has made them a household name around the world. Moreover, Boddie has left his mark on grudge races across the United States.

Known for his high-speed racing, Boddie has been able to earn a considerable amount of money. Among his biggest earnings are brand deals and his winnings in the races. However, it is not entirely clear how much of his wealth he has accumulated.

In addition to his street racing career, Boddie has managed to become a household name through his appearance on the popular television program, Street Outlaws. Throughout his career, he has raked in as much as $30k for every episode of the show. While he does not detail exactly how he makes his money, it is believed that he has a net worth of at least PS1 million.

The DEA arrested Boddie when he was just 27 years old. After his arrest, he was sentenced to 60 months of supervised release. Nonetheless, Boddie has since returned to the world of street racing, hosting events and races across the West Coast.

Boddie has gained fame throughout his career, and his appearances on Street Outlaws have helped him gain the attention of millions of people worldwide. In fact, he has received several epoch-making accolades.

Although it is difficult to know exactly how much of Boddie’s wealth is derived from his profession, he has achieved a good level of success by hard work and dedication. He has also built a respectable family. Aside from his wife, Boddie has two sons. One is Jermaine Jr., who also races for his father’s team.

Several sources estimate that Jermaine Boddie’s net worth is at least PS1 million. The average salary of the cast members on the show ranges from $20k to $30k per episode. This means that, depending on how he chooses to spend his time, he can make a lot of money.

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