What If Storm Has The Power Of Phoenix

What If Storm Has the Power of Phoenix?

The mysterious Phoenix force appears in a brief appearance in X-Men: The First Class #6. The Phoenix is able to control the atmosphere of the entire world and has defeated galactus twice. The Phoenix even ate a freaking sun. Many consider the Phoenix force omnipotent and have killed five billion people.

While Storm possesses superhuman strength, she is still far less powerful than the Phoenix. Storm is unable to create hurricanes or huge blizzards. On the other hand, the phoenix has the power to consume stars and destroy a solar system in a single blow. In comics, the phoenix was toying with the x-men, and could’ve annihilated the solar system in a few minutes if she used her telepathic powers. Storm could still kill her.

While the Phoenix Force was originally connected with Jean Grey, it was later connected to other hosts. For instance, in one timeline, the Phoenix Force had a connection to the legacy of Iron Fist. Jean Grey, a prominent mutant of the Phoenix Force, was interesting.

If Jean Grey were a human, she would be more powerful than a Phoenix. Her superpower was actually the ability to manipulate space and time. The Phoenix Force is a superhero from the Marvel Universe that has been possessed by many other heroes. Some of these hosts included Cyclops, Colossus, Namor, Emma Frost, Rachel Summers, and others. A small amount of the Phoenix force’s strength was released into the world as a result.

The X-Men have a huge impact from the Dark Phoenix. Instead of using her powers to eliminate her enemies, she becomes the problem for the X-Men. She is not allowed keep her powers secret forever and eventually dies. Jean also finds herself in X-Men – The Dark Phoenix because she can’t live with her own thoughts.

As part of the “Flashback” event, What If? #137 features an alternate ending that was not part of the original plan. This two-part story uses Chris Claremont’s notes about the original plan. What If? features the Fantastic Four and Uncanny X-Men. #1.

Despite the X-Men initially being skeptical about the X-Men, Dark Phoenix is made one of the biggest threats to the franchise and the X-Men defeat him. It was a controversial story, but it was also one of the most beloved and successful stories in the franchise’s history. This story was a breakthrough for the Claremont/Byrne creative team, catapulting them to superstardom. Unfortunately, it also sowed the seeds for their eventual breakup.

Jean Grey, a dark Phoenix Saga character, was transformed into a terrifying cosmic terror. Her transformation made her the X-Men’s nemesis. The Dark Phoenix was able to destroy a solar system and kill billions of people.

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