Weather Caro Mi

Weather in Caro, Michigan

The climate of Caro is generally moderate and can be considered temperate. However, there are some seasonal differences to take into account. There are four seasons in the area, and each one has its own unique weather patterns. For example, the winter season is cooler than the summer, while the summer is wetter.

The warm season lasts about 3.7 months in Caro, and temperatures are generally warm. February is the coldest month in the year. July is the warmest month with an average temperature of 81°F and 59°F. February is the coolest month, with average temperatures in the mid-sixties.

In terms of wind, the climate in Caro has significant seasonal variation. The windiest part of the year lasts 7.3 months, from October 3 to May 13. During this time, average wind speeds reach more than 11.0 miles per hour. August is the calmest month with an average wind speed 8.7 miles per hour. Seasonal variations in the length of the days can also be observed. The shortest day of the year is December 21. June 21 is the longest.

The climate in Caro has moderate variations in elevation. The average elevation in the area is 719 feet. Over the course of a year, the elevations can vary by approximately 141 feet. Caro experiences two types of precipitation. The September average rainfall is 3.1 inches. January’s average rainfall is 0.6.

Caro’s growing season typically lasts about 4.9 months. It usually runs from May 9 through October 7. However, it rarely starts earlier than April 17 and ends later than May 6. Daylight saving time is observed in Caro during 2022. Daylight saving begins on March 13th and lasts 7.8 months.

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