Walmart Bluey Toys

Walmart Bluey Toys

Walmart Bluey Toys has a great selection of toys for children. There are many different choices, including Magic Mixies Rainbow Crystal Ball, 6v bumper car, and bath squirter. These are great toys for the price and will keep your child occupied for hours on end. There are even a few toys specifically for toddlers and older children.

Magic Mixies Rainbow Crystal Ball

The Magic Mixies Rainbow Crystal Ball at Walmart is an interactive plush toy that children will enjoy for hours. It features mist and a magic wand that responds to movement. It also has a voice and light-up features. This colorful, interactive toy is a great gift idea for a child of any age.

The Magic Mixies Rainbow Crystal Ball is the latest toy in the Magic Mixies line. This interactive toy has over 80 sounds and reactions and is sure to please young kids and adults alike. While the Rainbow Crystal Ball is not the only toy on Walmart’s 2022 list, it’s still a fun gift for children.


If you’re looking for a fun gift idea for a child, Squishmallows from Walmart are the perfect choice. These toys are made of foam, which makes them soft and easy to carry. They come in many colors and can be used for different types of activities. Walmart has a huge selection of toys, including squishy toys and Fuzzmallows.


Walmart is forecasting that Fuzzmallows will top kids’ wish lists this holiday season. They are small squishy marshmallows with a fuzz-like exterior. They are sold everywhere, but haven’t quite reached the height of their popularity yet.

Baby Blue animatronic puppet

Walmart is a great place to find a unique animatronic puppet for your child. The Baby Blue animatronic puppet comes with more than twenty sounds and a lifelike design. The puppet is movie scale and feels like a real baby velociraptor. It will even interact with your child, and play music.

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