Waffle Dance Crew Where Are They Now

Waffle Dance Crew – Where Are They Now?

New York City subway dancers stand out as some of the finest in America, twirling, flipping, and spinning around handrails and poles while an upbeat tune plays in the background for an incredible spectacle that leaves spectators speechless. It leaves no one unimpressed.

W.A.F.F.L.E (We Are Family For Life Entertainment) consists of NYC Litefeet dancers Andrew Saunders, Yushon Stroughn and Joel Kozik Leitch who began performing on NYC subway platforms for tips. Soon thereafter they gained notice by people other than commuters; quickly becoming famous for their remarkable performances including on Ellen Degeneres Show and French hip-hop duo NIID’s music video for “Beach Call”.

In this clip, it is evident how astonishingly amazing this crew truly is as they dance, twirl and swing in unison while holding onto handrails and poles to twist themselves into breathtaking formations. What truly stands out in the clip is how effortlessly everything appears to happen; any experienced performer knows that making something appear effortless takes practice – these guys have it down pat!

Subway Dancers are truly remarkable performers with an incredible story behind them. Born into rough neighborhoods, these boys found a safe space to express themselves and bond through dancing; often described as a ‘brotherhood’ they turned to dancing as an outlet to cope with violence on the streets and their everyday lives at home. After performing on America’s Got Talent they left judges speechless – garnering them the Golden Buzzer guaranteeing them a place in live shows!

Waffle Dance Crew quickly made waves in New York thanks to their captivating show. Since then, however, fans have been wondering where they have gone and are left wondering where their group stands now.

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, they revealed that they have not disbanded as dance company but continue performing events and theatrical performances as well as posting dance videos via their official Instagram accounts with over 149,000 followers (they update it frequently).

Stay tuned as these talented dancers plan on releasing an album soon – keep an ear out! If you want a glimpse at more of their mind-blowing moves, check out their full audition below.

Waffle Dance Crew’s appearance on America’s Got Talent in 2020 not only charmed judges and audiences, but they were seen around the world for their thrilling rendition of Tokyo-style jump-roping which had viewers on their feet cheering wildly while parents at home cheered loudly for them too! An unforgettable display that had them cheered on by both parents as well.

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