Vybz Kartel Wife

Vybz Kartel’s Wife

Vybz Kartel, better known as Adidja Azim Palmer, is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall recording artist and entrepreneur. Despite his many talents, he is also a convicted murderer. Nonetheless, he is incredibly popular and has many fans. His wife is a record producer and entrepreneur, and many of his fans are excited to meet her.

Tanesha Johnson is Vybz Kartel’s common-law wife. She is the singer’s business partner and has three children together with him. She and Vybz married in Kingston, Jamaica, in 2008, but the couple divorced in 2008 after a misunderstanding. In 2010, Vybz and Tanesha split up and started dating again. Currently, their net worth is estimated at about $2 million.

Vybz Kartel is a Jamaican musician and producer. He began his music career while he was a teenager. In 1993, he joined a group called Vybz Cartel. The group later broke up, but he kept the name and became a household name. He became well known as a solo artist in Jamaica in 2003, and his popularity skyrocketed. Since then, he has released several albums, including a number of hit songs. His wife has been credited with helping him achieve his success.

Vybz Kartel’s wife, Tanesha Johnson, is his common-law spouse. Despite being a convicted murderer, he is currently serving a life sentence. His criminal history includes charges of possession of marijuana and the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ William. Although the body of Lizard was never found, the rapper was convicted of the murder and was sentenced to life in prison. Despite being a prolific artist, his music has earned Vybz Kartel a lot of attention.

Tanesha Johnson, Vybz Kartel’s wife, is not publicly confirming or denying the rumor that she is pregnant. The mother of three sons, she’s currently focused on the recovery of her husband, who is currently in a hospital.

In January of this year, Kartel released a new album called “To Tanesha” which was dedicated to his former girlfriend Tanesha Johnson. The album was co-produced by Vybz Kartel Muzik and Short Boss. In June of the same year, Vybz Kartel released the second album, Of Dons and Divas. He also appeared in Busta Rhymes’ Extinction Level Event 2.

Vybz Kartel’s wife, Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, has a new line of skin lightening products that range in price from JM$2,000 for a knuckle cream to US$100 for a mega-sized body cream. The new skin lightening products are intended to brighten the skin for a perfect complexion.

Shorty recently talked about a new reality show. In an Instagram post, she revealed that she and her family were developing a new reality show titled “The Palmers.” The show will feature Kartel’s wife and children, but Shorty did not reveal the name of the show’s producer or release date.

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