Vin Scully Jersey Number

Vin Scully Jersey Number – A Moment of Silence

Recently, baseball fans across the nation paused to honor Hall-of-Famer Vin Scully with tributes that honored his legacy and his selflessness in broadcasting baseball games. A moment of silence was held at Dodger Stadium before an away game and Los Angeles lit up in blue in tribute to Scully; ESPN2 replayed his call of Kirk Gibson’s walk-off home run during Game 1 of the 1988 World Series that Scully famously called. While Scully would appreciate these recognitions he might find them somewhat embarrassing; in truth that is best way we can pay our respects in honoring someone who never sought attention himself.

Scully used his 67 years as play-by-play announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers to do much more than simply inform us who had won or lost games; instead he provided personal stories, history lessons, and an abundance of knowledge that often went unsaid during other broadcasts. Instead of adopting homerism-ridden broadcasting style like other broadcasts do, his narration would enlighten us about Hatshepsut, Alexander the Great or beard history – all while providing us with entertaining games!

Scully was known for his extraordinary ability to captivate an audience and bring them closer to the game, moving millions across the world with his captivating style of commentary.

Scully was an oasis in an age when media has become increasingly biased and sensationalized. He brought poetry, humor and uncanny insight to baseball games he covered.

He was not only the voice of our nation, but was always there as a friend to every fan in attendance. An icon to generations of fans, many looked up to him as their father figure; and will forever remain part of this great sport and its history.

Scully set the standard for broadcasting from his momentous announcement of the first perfect game or his repeated reminders for players to respect umpires – all while being part of an era that produced such iconic figures as Bob Sheppard and Harry Caray, among many others. He will forever remain part of our memories.

The Dodgers honored Scully by inducting him into their own “ring of honor”. Dave Roberts and Tommy Lasorda unveiled a plaque which will join other retired numbers at Dodger Stadium center field area.

On this evening, Dodgers fans and baseball fans worldwide gathered in a stadium filled with Scully’s glory to chant: “We’ll See You Next Year, Vin” There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Scully would return soon as that is why so many love this great sport so much.

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