DocuVision Edge by Videk

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DocuVision Edge

The DocuVision Edge by Videk is an industry-leading solution for personal check validation and process verification. The solution scans the check page and reads account numbers and barcodes to identify duplicates or missing checks. It also validates the total check amount and number of checks printed. If a duplicate or missing check is detected, the solution can divert it to another location for reprinting.

The DocuVision Edge also helps increase production intelligence and meets regulatory compliance. This solution can also protect personal information by reading the barcode and document identification number. This information is then sent to a local database for reporting and reconciliation purposes. Moreover, the device automatically diverts documents that are not in sequence.

The DocuVision Edge system helps businesses replace manual and time-consuming processes with automation. It enables businesses to achieve SLAs with confidence and drive productivity. It provides intelligent quality control for a variety of business processes. Its unique feature set also helps companies improve their business results. Its advanced features will make it easier to manage document-intensive tasks.


DocuVision is a television channel that broadcasts documentaries. The channel focuses on nature, history, and explorer documentaries. It launched on 15 July 1991. It initially broadcast from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. It later added morning and evening programming on ETV+ and Jukosatel. The network recently rebranded with a new logo and image format. It also extended its broadcast day to 24 hours.

The DocuVision Edge enables users to capture critical document information, including check amounts, MICR lines, and more. These details can be used in reporting and for auditing. The system also captures data in the form of job tracking reports that show start time, duration, operator name, total amount run, and missing/duplicate checks.

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