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Victoria Rowell Net Worth: $38 Million

Victoria Rowell began her career as a dancer and model before making her acting debut in 1987’s Leonard Part 6. After starring in the hit television series The Wonder Years, Rowell also appeared in the movies Jacqueline and Jilly, The Singing Bee, and The Princess Diaries.


Victoria Lynn Rowell started her career as a dancer and model. She made her acting debut in 1987 in the comedy film Leonard Part 6. Since then, she has starred in a wide variety of films and television shows. She currently works as a television and film producer. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family.

After starring in As the World Turns, Rowell joined “The Young and the Restless.” While on the show, she also starred in a spinoff called Diagnosis Murder. Rowell left the show for a while in 1997, but returned part-time in the following year. She was married to Radcliffe Bailey from 2009 to 2014. Prior to that, she was married to Tom Fahey. She has one child from her first marriage with Fahey and another with Wynton Marsalis.

Rowell’s children grew up in foster care. After a decade, she reunited with her biological father and learned the true identity of his children. After the discovery, Rowell enlisted the help of a genealogist from to find out his family background.

Since leaving “The Young and the Restless,” Rowell has worked on several shows. She’s currently working on a new soap opera titled “The Rich and the Ruthless” with a largely Black cast. The third season of the series will premiere in May. She’s also busy with her own production company.

Rowell spent her childhood at Holy Innocents Home, which is run by Sisters of Mercy. She spent the majority of her childhood in the care of her foster mother, Agatha Armstead. She was born May 10, 1959. In her teens, Rowell spent time with her birth mother, who had a history of mental illness. She met her mother three times.

Jacqueline and Jilly movie

The children’s book series based on the lives of Victoria Rowell’s characters, Jacqueline and Jilly, is now a movie. Rowell executive produced the movie through her company Days Ferry Productions. The movie was also produced by Carletta S. Hurt, Richard Brooks, and Jonathan D. Ortiz. The film is a touching story of family, friendship, and the power of storytelling.

The film also shows the power of entertainment to raise awareness. Rowell, who has a wide following in Jamaica and on the popular soap opera, will donate the profits of the premiere of Jacqueline and Jilly to the Annie Dawson Home for children who have been victims of addiction. Jacqueline and Jilly also stars Richard Brooks, Daphne Maxwell Reid, and Nikki Austen Smith.

The story revolves around Jilly, a privileged daughter of a powerful political family who develops an addiction to painkillers. Her parents fail to notice the problem, which forces the family to face the truth and band together for Jilly’s recovery. Rowell will hold a similar event in Washington, D.C., on April 12.

Rowell is an accomplished actress with a long list of notable roles. She co-starred with Eddie Murphy in the 1992 comedy “The Distinguished Gentleman.” She was also nominated for 11 NAACP Image Awards. She starred as Eddie Murphy’s lobbyist love interest in the 1992 film “The Distinguished Gentleman.” The actress was born in Portland, Maine and spent her childhood in foster care. She began acting at age fifteen when she joined the junior company of the American Ballet Theatre.

Career as a dancer

A career as a dancer was one of the most ambitious dreams of young Victoria Rowell. When she was just 8 years old, she won a full scholarship to the Cambridge School of Ballet. Soon after, she was offered a scholarship to the American Ballet Theatre and School of American Ballet. By age 16, she was dancing with the American Ballet Theatre II Company. She also performed with the Ballet Hispanico de New York and the Contemporary Ballet. She later married Radcliffe Bailey in June 2009. However, the couple separated in January 2014.

In addition to performing professionally, Rowell has also appeared in television shows and films. Her dancing has garnered widespread praise and recognition. Rowell has performed in shows such as Dumb and Dumber, The Cosby Show, and the Distinguished Gentleman. She is also a member of the Sigma Gamma Rho sorority.

In addition to being a successful actress, Victoria has also created a foundation to help children in need. The charity organization she has started is called the Rowell Foster Children’s Positive Plan Fine Arts Scholarship Fund. She also received a full scholarship to study ballet in New York City.

In addition to her dancing career, Rowell has appeared in a number of television series and films. She was nominated for three Daytime Emmy Awards and won eleven NAACP Image Awards for her portrayal of Drucilla Winters on “The Young and the Restless.” After leaving the show, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting full time. In the meantime, she landed a role on the popular soap opera “The Young and the Restless,” where she played Drucilla Barber Winters. This role reminded her of her ballet classes and introduced her to a new story line of a foster care mother and her foster child.

Rowell is also involved in several charities. She founded the Rowell Foster Children’s Positive Plan in 1990, which supports programs for foster children and their families. She has also become a spokesperson for the Annie E. Casey foundation and Casey family services, which are charitable arm of United Parcel Service.

Relationship with Tom Fahey

Victoria Rowell is an American actress, writer, dancer, and producer. Her children include Maya and Jasper. They are named after their mother and father. The actor-writer has been married to Tom Fahey since 2004. Their children are both white. Tom and Maya are reportedly close.

Rowell and Fahey married in 1989 but separated shortly before their first child was born. They are separated now, but their relationship was still very public. Rowell’s first marriage lasted a year and a half. Rowell is a famous writer and actress. She studied at the Juilliard School of Music and was a model. She later played the role of Nella Franklin in the television show ‘As the World Turns.’

In the 1990s, Rowell established a nonprofit organization called the Rowell Foster Children Positive Plan, which helps foster children. Her organization focuses on helping foster children who are interested in acting. In 2004, she appeared on Dr. Phil’s talk show to discuss her work.

Rowell was born in Portland, Maine. Her birth parents were of English and Mayflower ancestry. Her father, Wilson, was of Jamaican descent. Her mother suffered from schizophrenia. She left her three other children unsupervised when she gave birth to Rowell. She was later surrendered to child services. She had two children with Tom Fahey before she married Radcliffe Bailey in 2009.

Victoria Rowell has had seven relationships with other men. She has a daughter named Maya and a son named Jasper. The children are both not married yet, but her mother has been hiding them from the media.

Net worth

Victoria Rowell is one of the most successful actresses in the United States, with a net worth of $38 million. Her career began as a model and ballet dancer before she decided to pursue acting. She made her film debut in 1987 in Leonard Part 6, a comedy.

Victoria Rowell is an accomplished actress and author. Her first book was titled The Women Who Raised Me: A Memoir. In 2008, she wrote the novel “Secrets Of A Soap Opera Diva.” In 2013, she co-authored “Tag, Toss, Run: 40 Classic Lawn Games.” Rowell’s books have contributed to her net worth.

She has one biological child, a son named Jasper Armstrong Marsalis. She had a relationship with Wynton Marsalis and had the son. Victoria Rowell children’s net worth is estimated at $2 million, and her net worth will grow to $3 million by 2020. Despite her fame and net worth, Victoria Rowell has maintained a modest lifestyle.

Rowell has been married twice. Her first marriage to Tom Fahey lasted for two years and produced a daughter. After this, Rowell and Marsalis had a long-term relationship. They later separated. In 2009, she married artist Radcliffe Bailey. The two separated in 2014.

Rowell was born in Maine and was raised by foster parents. She started taking ballet lessons at the age of eight. She eventually joined the American Ballet Theater. She also attended the Juilliard School of Music’s dance extension program. She was also a member of the Sigma Gamma Rho sorority.

Rowell has also earned a great deal of money as an actress. She has appeared in several movies and TV shows. Her most popular role was playing Dr. Amanda Bentley in “Diagnosis: Murder.” This role helped her increase her wealth substantially.

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