Vern Gosdin Songs

Vern Gosdin Songs

Ten best Vern Gosdin songs

There are a few Gosdin songs that stand out in my mind. First up, there’s “Country Music,” a resounding hit from 1983 that highlights Gosdin’s unique vocal skills and sweet fiddle accompaniment. The song was written by Gosdin’s ex-wife Cathy and recorded by Janie Fricke.

Vern Gosdin’s early years as a solo artist were modest. His first albums were modestly successful, and he was best known for his early singles on the Compleat label. His success with Columbia records came in the early ’80s, when he hammered his way into the Top Ten. But, after that brief period, his health started to fail, and in April 2009, he passed away after suffering a stroke. This is not the end of his career, however.

Another hit by Vern Gosdin is “Chiseled in Stone,” a heartbreaking song about a father who lost his son in a 1975 car accident. This song received a Grammy nomination for Best Country Song. The song has received over eight million YouTube views. While it doesn’t chart on top country songs charts, it remains one of the most popular country songs ever recorded.

Another Gosdin album that is worth a listen is “Columbia Years.” The album features a great deal of material from Gosdin’s Columbia years. The disc also includes an 18-track best-of-from the UK. The Alabama Hall of Fame’s biographical entry includes a brief look at the musician, and e-Tabs provides guitar tabs for some of his most well-known songs.

“Till the End” was released by Vern Gosdin as his third single. The song was co-written by his wife and reached No. 7 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The song also featured Janie Fricke. The song was written after Gosdin’s third marriage ended in divorce. The song is a heartbreaking ballad that remains popular among country music fans today.

Another country song, “This Ain’t My First Rodeo,” was written by Vern Gosdin and Hank Cochran. It is his second-most popular hit and features the legendary Ernest Tubb. The song has over four hundred thousand views on YouTube.


The songs on Vern Gosdin’s career best-of album were crafted in the 1980s and early 1990s. These albums combined sustained commercial success with artistic excellence. They retained a rootsy quality and reflected the singer’s traditionalist tendencies. Additionally, many of the tracks were recorded with talented collaborators. Many of these recordings remain popular today. In addition, you can find guitar tabs for most of the songs on this album.

Vern Gosdin is an American country singer. He has released fourteen studio albums and eight compilation albums, and has recorded forty-one singles. Three of his albums have been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America, including Chiseled in Stone. He has also had numerous hit singles, including “Chiseled in Stone,” “Stone,” and “Stone.”

The career of Vern Gosdin began in the 1970s with modestly successful albums and singles on the Compleat label. However, his peak was in the mid-to-late 1980s, when he joined Columbia. During this time, he hammered his way into the top ten with great tunes. However, despite this success, health issues slowed his career, and he passed away in April 2009.

After retiring from the music industry, Vern Gosdin moved to Cartersville, Georgia, and managed a glass company. The company he founded has continued his work in honor of the late singer. However, he eventually died on April 28, 2009, after a second stroke. Despite his age and illness, he was widely recognized as an accomplished vocal stylist.

Gosdin’s third single, “Till the End,” was written by his wife. The song reached number seven on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and featured Janie Fricke. The song was written as a promise to his wife. Despite the fact that his marriage had ended in divorce, Gosdin remained true to his promise to his wife.

Another song by Vern Gosdin that became a fan favorite was “That Just About Does It.” This song, written with Sandy Pinkard and Rob Strandlund, featured Vern Gosdin trying to patch things up with his love interest. This song was written at a time when he was going through a difficult time in his life – the third marriage of Vern Gosdin had ended in divorce. In fact, he wrote a whole album about this loss.


American country singer, songwriter, and songwriter Vernon Gosdin was a country music star. From 1977 to 1990, he scored 19 top-10 country singles. Of these, three reached Number One. His songs include “I Can Tell by the Way You Dance,” “Set ‘Em Up Joe,” and “Still Crazy.”

Born in Alabama, Vern Gosdin grew up singing gospel music and playing the guitar. His early career saw him join gospel music groups and became a member of the Golden State Boys. Later, he formed a duo with brother Rex called The Gosdin Brothers, and they achieved chart success in the late 1960s. In 1962, Gosdin also became a member of The Hillmen, a Southern California bluegrass group.

While working in the family glass company, Vern was always thinking about music. In the late ’70s, he moved to Nashville to pursue his dream of making music. He released two songs in 1977, “Yesterday’s Gone” and “Stand By Me.” “Yesterday’s Gone” became his first single, and climbed to the country charts.

Vern Gosdin was best known for his string of hits in the late 1980s and early ’90s. In that time, he had three number-one hits, five top-five hits, and eleven top-ten songs. He won the 1989 CMA Songwriting Award for “Chiseled In Stone.” In the early ’80s, Gosdin worked with Max D. Barnes and wrote songs about cheating and barroom romance. His delivery was often over-the-top, and his style resembled George Jones.

After being signed by Columbia in the early ’80s, he was able to write and record songs that helped launch his career. His hit songs, “Do You Believe Me Now” and “Set ‘Em Up Joe”, were also written by Barnes. In 1989, Gosdin released an album titled Alone, which chronicled his divorce. However, as country music styles evolved into rock-influenced sounds in the 1990s, his popularity began to decline. Although his songs were not as popular as his earlier hits, Gosdin’s vocals remained pure.

Vern Gosdin was recently inducted into the Nashville Songwriting Hall of Fame. He is one of four men who helped shape the genre of country music. The Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame honors the best-known songs by American songwriters. Among those honored are Jim McBride, Tim Nichols, and Vern Gosdin.

Influence on Gene Clark

The influence of Vern Gosdin songs on Gene was not entirely unexpected. The young boy from Tipton, Missouri, had grown up in a family that had worked hard to support themselves, and at age thirteen he joined a rock and roll band. However, after hearing the Kingston Trio, he switched to folk music. Later, he joined the New Christy Minstrels, and moved to Los Angeles. There, he met Jim McGuinn and David Crosby.

After the Byrds broke up, Gene Clark went on a “retreat” to northern California to find a new sound. He still played gigs on and off, but not as regularly as before. Still, he had hopes of resurrecting his musical career and recorded a couple of demos. One of them, Yesterday’s Gone, would get him a recording contract with Elektra Records.

Gosdin’s music was steeped in country music history. For example, the song “Set ‘Em Up Joe” pays homage to Hank Williams and Left Frizzell. Another one, “Hit It Like Johnny,” is a rousing anthem for a cowboy.

Vern Gosdin’s songs influenced Gene Clark’s music. It was also one of his favorite genres. The Gosdin Brothers, a brother group, first recorded bluegrass music in Alabama and then on the west coast. They eventually split up to pursue solo careers, and Vern Gosdin’s songs influenced Gene Clark’s early work.

Gosdin’s greatest albums, made between 1983 and 1991, merged commercial success with artistic excellence. They were well produced and maintained the rootsy quality of the singer’s music. Throughout his career, Gosdin collaborated with legendary collaborators. The result was a long list of hits, and many of them have become standards for country music.

Gosdin’s influence lasted for nearly 30 years. He was able to create songs for many genres of country music. But, his popularity waned after 1991. Gosdin was never able to become as famous as Gene Clark or the other great country singers of the era. Brad Paisley and George Strait both cited him as an influence.

In addition to writing the songs for his albums, Vern Gosdin also played a key role in helping Gene Clark make some of his most famous hits. But the music industry is very competitive and competition among artists is fierce. A well-written song can help you break through in a big way.

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