Vengaboys Up Down

The Vengaboys – Up and Down

The Vengaboys have released a new album titled Up & Down, which will be available to purchase in summer 2020. The album is a collaboration between the band and Timmy Trumpet. It has been hailed as a great success, and it’s already been downloaded over one million times.


The Vengaboys have issued a public plea to their fans to stop uploading videos of themselves dancing up and down to the song “Up & Down” on TikTok. Though the group is thrilled with the positive response they are getting, they’re worried that some of their fans may end up injuring themselves. The video has racked up over 269,000 likes, and the Vengaboys have responded to the backlash by urging their fans to stop the ‘Up & Down’ trend.

While Lil Nas X and other popular artists have credited the TikTok platform with the success of their songs, some Vengaboys are concerned that the platform is contributing to a mass collapse of society. The platform is rapidly gaining popularity among Gen Z’ers and has spawned a variety of viral trends. One of these is a song featuring Jeff Bezos, which went viral on the site after being set to a slideshow of white female influencers. Another song featuring Malia J has become a hit on TikTok, and has even been used in the opening credits of the movie Black Widow.

Vengaboys, the Dutch dance-pop outfit, are the faces of this new phenomenon. Their up-and-down challenge – which involves two people performing an intense yoga pose synchronised with one another – has become a global phenomenon. Tens of thousands of people have shared their Up & Down videos on TikTok, with thousands more uploaded every day.

Another song that’s been popular on TikTok is ‘Into the Thick of It’ by The Backyardigans. It reached number one on the US Spotify Viral Chart in mid-May. In addition to this song, ‘Venom’ by Lil Simz has also become popular among TikTok users, which features Venom tattoos.

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