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UNILAD Tech Becomes the World’s Largest Social Video Publisher

With over 17 million Facebook fans, UNILAD tech has become the most engaging page in the world. Their website also attracts over 30 million visitors each month. Their long-term goal is to become the world’s largest Facebook publisher. They are currently on track to achieve this goal by the end of the year.

Alex Partridge

Alex Partridge is a social media pioneer, having founded two successful media companies, Unilad and Ladbible, when he was just 21 years old. He has since gone on to become one of the world’s most influential social news companies, with a following of over 50 million people. In addition to his work with UNILAD, he also founded LADBible in 2012, and it has since grown into a social media juggernaut.

The company recently filed for its end of year accounts, and Partridge must get them by July 14 to get his money back. Once the accounts are released, Unilad will either have to pay Partridge back, or sell off its assets on the open market. As of now, the company has a total debt of PS10 million.

Unilad was founded by student Alex Partridge in 2012, and it has gone from there. Its viral videos have gained millions of views on the Internet. It has even created a t-shirt business. While Partridge did not intend to sell Unilad, he did give out two-thirds of the company to co-founders Sam Bentley and Liam Harrington.

By the end of 2016, the UNILAD web page had 17 million fans and 2.7 billion monthly video views. That was more than double its number of fans, and the web page was second only to BuzzFeed’s “Tasty” channel in terms of views. It then went on to become available on LADbible, the largest social video publisher on the planet with 120 million fans.

Unilad tech is a social media phenomenon that has taken the UK by storm. Despite its controversial nature, the site has helped students to make an impact on the world at large. Its mission has helped revolutionise society, and even spawned a fourth wave of feminism. Its content galvanised activists on university campuses and helped eradicate the rape culture. It’s important to remember that the contents of Unilad helped to create a better society and a more inclusive society.

A few months ago, Unilad was in the throes of collapse. Its accounts department had already fled the office. Sam Walker, who worked in video production, was owed PS9,000. The head of video apologised, but couldn’t do anything to help him. Sam cried. When he reached Unilad, he was greeted by Murray, who had a hug for him.


LADbible has become the largest social video publisher after purchasing Unilad for PS10 million. While the full takeover price has not been revealed, the company claims it made them the largest social video publisher. The acquisition was a result of Unilad’s problems: it was experiencing a significant decline in its audience due to Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm, and it was also struggling with a huge tax bill.

The company failed to maximize its data collection, which impacted its ability to target social and mobile traffic quickly. Instead, it focused on building segments based on keywords used in URLs, and relying on contextual targeting. However, it wanted to be more proactive with advertisers, and use its valuable audience to maximise its advertising revenue.

The company also bought Unilad Group for an undisclosed sum. It was established in 2010, with offices in Manchester and London. It closed in 2012 but re-opened in 2014 under new ownership. In 2017, LADbible surpassed Unilad in YouTube views, which is an indication that the business has a bright future.

Facebook’s new focus on trusted news sources has affected LADbible and Unilad. While both companies have huge followings on Facebook, their combined revenues on Facebook are still far less than those of traditional media. The company’s Facebook-based platform also enables them to compete with major news publishers like CNN and Fox News. They are now among the top Facebook publishers, with combined annual revenues of PS25 million, which is still a small fraction of their competitors.

LADbible is also developing short-form original content. This content is aimed at reaching younger viewers. Its original content team is headed by EndemolShine export Ben Powell-Jones. The content will be adapted for different platforms. With these new offerings, the LADbible is making its mark on the global stage.

Liam Harrington

In late October 2018, Unilad was in trouble. Administrators were stepping in and pulling out staff. One of the employees, Sam Walker, owed Unilad PS9,000 for unpaid invoices. When he came to Unilad to collect his invoices, the head of video had already left the office. The head of video apologised for not being able to help Sam, who began to cry. Murray had come to the office to try and cheer up the frightened Sam.

Harrington was not a university graduate, nor did he have any previous experience in running a business. Before founding Unilad, he worked in health recruitment and sold T-shirts out of his dad’s garage. He also tried to launch a student-focused fashion brand. His other ideas included a new-year’s resolution checker and a network of university TV stations.

Unilad’s early content was notoriously misogynistic. It caused a national scandal and was widely condemned. It was also linked to a ‘lad culture’ that permeated university campuses. The NUS called for the site to be shut down, but Harrington and Bentley decided to launch it again in 2014. Then, they promised to move away from their misogynistic past.

Although Unilad was initially a one-man band, Harrington soon brought on a team that could help him improve their business model. He enlisted the help of a designer and a customer support manager. As a result, Unilad became a global media giant. It also helped kick-start the fourth wave of feminism in the UK. It was a key factor in the eradication of the rape culture that was rife in the country’s university campuses. As an entrepreneur, Harrington is committed to tackling social problems facing his generation.

Harrington and Quinlan were only in their early twenties when they took over UniLad, which is why they’re not too old to be running the company. In fact, they were just starting to build their own companies. Their first product, t-shirts that contained funny quotes, went on to become an Internet sensation.

The duo have had experience with viral videos and hope to become a major content producer in the future. They have a number of videos that have gained millions of views on social media and their videos consistently top the Facebook share list.


The story of Unilad is not entirely unique. In September 2013, Alex Partridge was forced to give up his majority shareholding of the company. The company had told Partridge it would not let him be a shareholder in Fullist if he were to keep his Unilad business. Several staff members were even encouraged to make statements supporting Unilad.

The media site was a social media sensation. It has over 28 million followers on Facebook, and is widely known by UK university students. In 2016, Unilad had one of the highest engagement numbers on Facebook, second only to LADbible. One video, of a man playing Pie Face with his son, had more than 183 million views. It has since reached 205 million.

Unilad’s social media accounts have been the subject of criticism. Some have questioned the authenticity of some of the content posted on the website. One “live” feed posted by the company on Facebook had 17 million viewers, while other material appeared to be old footage. Despite these issues, Unilad still ranks as the fourth-largest publisher on Facebook, behind the New York Times and MailOnline.

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