Underneath The Tree Love Actually

Kelly Clarkson’s “Underneath the Tree” Is a Love Actually Song

For fans of the holiday season, there’s something akin to an urban legend about the holiday being the most depressing time of the year. In fact, the most popular adages have been that the holidays are the most stressful, that there are more suicides during the holidays, and that there is no such thing as a nice Christmas. All of which are true, but this does not take into account the many positive aspects of the season. It’s not just that the temperature rises significantly, the decorations are dazzling, and the food is good; it’s also the opportunity to gather family and friends around the tree for the annual Christmas singalong.

The new Christmas song by Kelly Clarkson isn’t country music, but it’s certainly a Christmas music aficionado’s dream come true. Its a song about love, which makes for a heartwarming story and a funky soundtrack. Like many of her other hits, Clarkson penned the song herself. After her successful run on American Idol, she decided to follow a different path. Rather than relying on her American Idol following, Clarkson took a cue from the ’80s pop genre and launched a career as a mainstream singer. This has helped her to earn the distinction of being one of the highest-paid artists in the world.

“Underneath the Tree” is the first track on her new holiday album. “Wrapped in Red” is due out October 29 and will feature the seasonal classics, from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer to the Santa Clause anthem. One of the tracks, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” features an impressive collaboration with Ronnie Dunn. While it’s not a traditional country song, the lyrics are a bit more streamlined, and it’s a nice change from the over-wrought songs on her earlier albums.

‘Wrapped in Red’ was released by RCA Records and hit the top of the US Adult Contemporary charts. Its lead single “Underneath the Tree” was a hit as well. With over 2 dozen countries having lent their support to the track, it’s safe to say it has been a major success. As of press time, the record has sold more than three million copies worldwide. To celebrate, Clarkson released a video to accompany the song. Featuring the vocal talents of Kelly and a live musical performance by her band, the video is certified platinum in the United Kingdom.

The Underneath the Tree is a laudable achievement, but Kelly Clarkson’s newest holiday release – “Wrapped in Red” – isn’t the only high profile album to arrive on this year’s calendar. From Mariah Carey to Katy Perry, there’s been no shortage of pop music in the tinsel laden month of December. Nevertheless, “Wrapped in Red” is sure to make the list of top-selling albums this season.

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