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Carly Under Luna Shampoo Review

Carly Under Luna is a brand of natural hair care products. Carly’s brand has ayurvedic influence. After adding ayurvedic ingredients to her shampoo and conditioner, her brand quickly began to gain momentum. She spent months developing the new shampoo and conditioner formulas while juggling motherhood. Now, both she and her daughter are ambassadors for the Under Luna brand, and they both swear by the natural formulas.


Under Luna is a holistic, handmade hair care line. Handcrafted in an Oceanside, California, studio, its products include herbal extracts made in-house. Many herbs are sourced from small farmers. Each product is created with intention and love. The company’s mission is to offer natural hair care that is as luxurious as it is effective.

This shampoo contains natural ingredients that are safe for the hair. One ingredient, panthenol, is found in all living cells and helps moisturize and add elasticity to hair. Another ingredient is radish root ferment, a natural preservative, which prevents bacteria from growing. Both ingredients are combined with coconut fruit extract.


Under Luna is a holistic, reiki-infused line of hair care products. Made in small batches in Oceanside, CA, these products are based on ancient hair care traditions. They are free of harsh ingredients, and use herbs, plants, and flowers to promote hair health. They also leave behind natural oils and nutrients.

As a company, Under Luna is committed to integrity, sustainability, and honoring the earth. Their line of shampoos and conditioners is available in glass and recyclable plastic bottles. Whether you have dandruff or oily hair, you will find a solution with Under Luna. The company has a long history of quality products and has won awards for them.

Shelf life

UNDER LUNA is a natural hair product with an extremely short shelf life. The shampoo is made with a blend of rose clay, kaolin clay, and dutched cocoa. The formula also includes essential oils such as clove and helichrysum. The shampoo is made with sustainable ingredients that do not require a preservative to keep the product fresh. It is best to use UNDER LUNA within a year of purchase.

Hair products are susceptible to microbial contamination and can become ineffective after a short time. Most hair products contain water, which is a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and mold. A preservative can inhibit microbial growth and help extend the shelf life. A chemist will determine the shelf life of a particular product through a series of analytical tests.

In general, beauty products have a shelf life of between one to two years. However, once opened, they should be thrown away. For this reason, it’s important to check the packaging for the expiry date. Some beauty items have a shelf life of at least 36 months if they’ve been properly stored.

While most shampoos are made with natural ingredients, their shelf life may be shorter than for their synthetic counterparts. Natural preservatives are generally less effective than man-made preservatives. Consequently, opened bottles are likely to be tainted with bacteria faster. However, shampoos with preservatives usually have a longer shelf life, usually at least 12 months.

Carly Under Luna’s ayurvedic influence

The Ayurvedic herbs found in Carly Under Luna’s shampoo are both natural and nourishing. The blend includes shikaki, bhringaraj, tulsi, amla, and neem, which are sustainably grown and ethically traded. It is also cruelty-free.

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