Uncah Jams

“Uncah Jams” Has a New Star

The iconic title of “Uncah Jams” is now a movie with a new star: Julia Fox. The young actress re-pronounces the title as “Uncah Jams,” a play on the name of a song by the late rapper Kanye West. In addition to discussing her role in the upcoming film, Fox talked about her six-week romance with the rapper.

Julia Fox’s role in “Uncah Jams”

Julia Fox was once a dominatrix. She was also an artist and a muse to Josh Safdie. But she has become a household name again this year, thanks to her role in the upcoming “Uncah Jams” film. While the title of the movie might be iconic, the actress pronounced it differently.

Kanye West recently dated the actress, triggering a mixed reaction from fans. Some deemed her “fame-hungry” while others called her “decadent.” The actress has also been a source of headlines after getting into a heated Instagram exchange with rap artist Azealia Banks. This resulted in the former revealing some dark past secrets about Fox.

Kanye West’s romance with Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks has taken on Kanye West in recent interviews. Banks has a history of voicing her opinions and criticizing celebrities. A video of Banks criticizing West has gone viral. The rapper recently called Minaj a “white b*tch” and also called out Kanye West’s new girlfriend Julia Fox for using drugs.

Azealia Banks is renowned for her razor-sharp tongue and witty style. She once described her son as a “crackbaby.” In response, Fox warned her partner against degrading her son. The rapper’s latest missive was met with a flurry of Twitter comments.

The rumors about Kanye West’s romance with AZEalia Banks have been swirling for some time now. The singer recently split from Kim Kardashian and has been searching for someone to date. Azealia Banks has said in recent interviews that she’d like to date a “creative person.” The rapper also made references to the rapper’s musical abilities and stated that he wanted a “creative partner” for his new life.

Banks’ love life has been plagued by drama over the past few years. The singer, who was signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music label in 2012, has already begun moving on. His split from Kim Kardashian left her feeling ‘let down’. The rapper has reportedly been working on his next album, which is slated to drop on July 9th.

The two recently ended their engagement. Banks has since defended Kim Kardashian’s decision to allow her daughter North to use the social media app TikTok. She also removed all photos of Kanye West on Instagram. While the news of their breakup is still fresh, the two have been seen out together a number of times in public.

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