Tyrone Robinson Ri

A Rhode Island man is facing 10 counts for allegedly shooting a police officer wearing a bulletproof vest. Robinson was also charged with assault and two counts of violating bail regarding illegal guns. Robinson was handcuffed at his wrists and ankles during Wednesday’s arraignment. He had been out on bail three months before. His case is scheduled for a November trial.

McGloin was saved by a bulletproof vest. Robinson fled to Douglas Avenue after the shooting. He surrendered to police shortly after the incident. Robinson has no firearms license and had been on bail for a gun and drug charges in May. Robinson is currently being investigated by the state police and the attorney general. It remains to be seen if he is found guilty of the murder.

The judge also noted that Robinson has a history of gun charges and is only 19 years old. Robinson’s father, however, disputed police claims that his son is in a gang. Robinson was ordered to remain in jail until the next hearing without bail. However, he is expected back in court on Aug. 26. It is possible that he may face a trial for violating his bail terms.

The arrest of Robinson was a result of a feud between two gang members in Providence. Robinson was involved in multiple gunfire reports in the neighborhood, and had an open case of carrying a firearm while under the influence of alcohol. A union president for police officers in Providence criticized decisions to release Robinson on bail in previous cases. Robinson was not released on bail due to previous charges.

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