Tyler Ulis Car Accident

Tyler Ulis in a Car Accident

NBA free agent Tyler Ulis was recently involved in a car accident while traveling on Interstate 75. He was hit by a driver who was traveling the wrong way and broke his ankle and leg. He was fortunate to survive the accident and he still hopes to continue his basketball career.

Ulis has already posted a photo on social media of himself in a cast and bandages. He is expected to make a full recovery. We wish Tyler a speedy recovery. We are hopeful that he does not sustain any other serious injuries. We will continue to keep you updated with his progress!

Ulis appears to be in good spirits and seems to be recovering well after his injuries. He remains a popular face in Lexington, Kentucky. The basketball player’s father says that his son is coping well emotionally. He has already received well wishes from several people, including John Calipari, the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats.

The Kentucky coach has offered his condolences to Ulis and the entire Kentucky basketball community. He asked his fans to remember the point guard in their prayers. From 2014 to 2016, Tyler Ulis was a Kentucky player. He was the SEC Tournament’s player of the year in 2016. He was later drafted in the second round by the Suns. He spent the rest his time playing with the Bulls, G-League and other teams. He was a free agent, and was currently undergoing medical treatment.

Ulis, despite numerous surgeries, is optimistic of making a quick comeback. His last competitive game was in 2020, for the Sacramento Kings’ G-League affiliate. He feels he has more to give to the game, and enjoys teaching young players the game. And while he may never return to the NBA, he is looking forward to helping the next generation of basketball players learn.

The Kentucky guard was a two-year standout who made the Suns’ draft. In the NBA, he struggled to carve out a consistent role. The team eventually waived him after just two seasons. In the meantime, he is still trying to stay healthy and ready to play.

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