Tyler The Creator Cyber Bullying Tweet

Tyler the Creator’s Cyber Bullying Tweet

Tyler The Creator’s cyberbullying tweet has sparked a spirited discussion about the issue on social media. Since the original tweet, thousands of people have weighed in on the issue, agreeing or disagreeing with Tyler’s statement. Fortunately, the conversation is far from over. There is still hope for cyberbullies, and many netizens are willing to take the time to spread the word.

One of the most infamous tweets ever published by Tyler the Creator was “Cyber bullying isn’t real, close your eyes.” While it was ironic, the message behind the tweet was one that is resonating with many people. Fans and celebrities alike have expressed disappointment in Tyler’s tweet, with the creator himself taking a strong stance against cyberbullying.

Tyler The Creator has temporarily suspended his Twitter account, but hasn’t deleted his other social accounts. Fans have expressed their relief by re-activating the artist’s accounts, while others have opted to delete theirs. Other well-known celebrities have also recently shut down their accounts. However, Tyler’s decision to delete his account hasn’t stopped his followers from posting hilarious responses.

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