Triple Nickel Bar Rescue

Bar Rescue: The Triple Nickel Tavern

The Triple Nickel Tavern and its sister restaurant, Zodiac Tavern, were once very popular music venues in the area. However, both venues had begun closing, and the owners decided to merge them. Now, they are reopening as a single, renovated bar. The new owner hopes to make the bar even more popular than it was before.

The Triple Nickel Tavern is one of the bars featured in Season 5 of Bar Rescue. The episode aired in November 2016 and was titled, “Punk as a Drunk.” The Triple Nickel Tavern is located in Colorado Springs, CO, one of the largest cities in the state and home to the Air Force Academy.

Originally opened in 2005, the Triple Nickel Tavern was a hit in Colorado Springs. In its heyday, it earned over $25,000 a month. But the owners’ personal tragedies caused him to neglect the business. The Triple Nickel Tavern is now in debt of $150,000. In 2015, the new owner hired Jacob Greuter to run the bar. He has many ideas for the bar. Jacob also has a degree in culinary arts and knows his way around a kitchen.

The Triple Nickel Tavern is a 2,500-square-foot music venue with an open kitchen and an L-shaped bar. The owner, JJ, had hired bar manager Jacob to save the bar from closing. But the Triple Nickel Tavern lacks structure and JJ often forgets basic tasks. But he still respects Jacob, the bar manager.

JJ Gruder, the owner of the Triple Nickel Tavern, decided to enter the bar business after his career. He had been a traveling musician since he was a teenager, and did not have much business experience when he turned thirty. But he did try his hand at running a bar and met Randy, a fellow bartender. They became good friends and helped the Triple Nickel become a successful business.

A new space is being constructed across from the Triple Nickel. The new location will be a two-floor venue. The upstairs will be a restaurant-style bar run by Chuck Thomas of Munchies Food Truck and the downstairs space will be a speakeasy-style speakeasy. Both rooms will feature great stages for live shows.

Jon is fed up with the situation at JJ’s nightclub and is willing to help out in the bar rescue. Steven seems to be drunk, wasting a drink that nobody ordered. Meanwhile, the band is tuning up their instruments. Jon storms into the Triple Nickel Tavern to begin the bar rescue.

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