Trinity Ottoson Smith

Trinity Ottoson-Smith, 9, Was Shot in the Head While Jumping on a Trampoline

Trinity Ottoson-Smith was shot in the head while playing on a trampoline in her friend’s backyard in Minneapolis. She was not the intended target of the drive-by shooting. Police say she was hit by a bullet fired by an individual who was in a red Ford that drove off after the shooting.

D’Pree Shareef Robinson, who was arrested in connection with the murder of Trinity Ottoson-Smith, is charged with second-degree murder. He was arrested in Minneapolis on Wednesday and charged on Thursday. He is accused of shooting the nine-year-old Trinity Ottoson-Smith as she was jumping on a trampoline. She was hit in the head and died 12 days later. Robinson’s bail has been raised to $2 million. A trial date has not yet been set.

Authorities say the suspect was part of a rival street gang. The MCD, or Money Chasing Demons, are rivals of the Black Disciples. The shooting was caught on video surveillance and investigators believe that the suspect was involved in the incident. The video shows the suspect driving by a home where Ottoson-Smith was shot.

The suspect’s car has been searched by police. The red Ford Fusion was purchased a few days before the shooting. Robinson told the seller to never tell anyone he had the vehicle. He used his cellphone after the shooting to research how to change the color of the car. Robinson’s target was a rival gang member’s brother and is related to his ex-girlfriend.

There was a $180,000 reward offered to help identify the shooter in Trinity Ottoson-Smith’s case. Crime Stoppers in Chicago offered the reward along with a billboard campaign. The resulting publicity helped in the arrest of the suspect. At this point, Trinity Ottoson-Smith is still in critical condition in North Memorial Health Hospital.

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