Trader Joe’s Zip Up Hoodie

Trader Joe’s Zip Up Hoodie

Trader Joe’s is a well-known American chain of grocery stores, and this stylish hoodie was inspired by what their staff wear. Available in an array of colors to meet your style needs and perfect for wearing with jeans or sweatpants!

This heavy-weight hoodie is printed ethically-sourced clothing without sweatshop-sourced sweatshop-produced clothing in the US. Both men’s and women’s sizes are available; both feature rib knitted cuffs for maximum comfort. If you prefer a baggy fit, please order two sizes up.

Color differences at Trader Joe’s indicate the employee’s hierarchy; employees wearing Hawaiian-print shirts represent store leaders while solid colored ones serve as regular crew members – the latter should be approached for anything other than specific product inquiries (see cruise ship analogy above). Furthermore, these employees typically work the most shifts.

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