Tracee Ellis Ross Cornrows

Tracee Ellis Ross and Her Cornrows

Tracee Ellis Ross is a true curly hair icon and she loves to show off her stunning locks in all their glory. In fact, Tracee created her own hair care brand called Pattern to meet the gap she saw in the market for natural products tailored specifically for curls and coils.

Cornrows are a timeless style worn by many women of color, including celebrities like Beyonce and Alicia Keys. Though they may be considered a trend nowadays, cornrows have an ancient African history that dates back centuries.

Hair styles are easy to wear and can last for weeks, but they come with their share of criticism, discrimination and misrepresentation. That is why Tracee Ellis Ross joined Culture House for the six-episode docuseries “Hair Tales,” which tells the stories of six Black women whose lives have been profoundly shaped by their hair.

Ross describes her series as an inspiring and intimate look into the beauty, identity and history of Black women through their hair. Each episode follows one woman’s journey as she discovers who she truly is through her locks. With inspiration to spare and encouragement to find community within the natural hair community, this show seeks to empower women while encouraging them to feel seen.

The series revolves around the idea that every curve, curl and coil on a Black woman’s crown has an inspiring story. This sets it apart from other TV shows which focus solely on current fashion trends and formulas.

This docuseries is an affirmation of Black women by Black women, and it’s for all audiences. It takes an important step toward telling African-American women’s stories and providing them with space to be heard. It demonstrates that Black women can have a voice even in this politically charged era; furthermore, it aims to empower the next generation of Black girls with strength and dignity.

“Hair is more than a fashion accessory,” Ross stated in the series’ opening statement. She stressed that every strand of Black hair carries with it an incredible cultural heritage and that understanding those stories allows us to better appreciate their beauty.”

Rather than being a fashion statement, she says her hair “is an expression of myself and how I’m feeling.” She’s passionate about showing off her natural beauty without masking it with extensions or extensions – wanting others to appreciate it as it naturally is instead.

She’s not afraid to experiment with new looks either – she’s an expert when it comes to styling her hair. For instance, she often varies her bob style and recently debuted an edgy center-parted bob in Marie Claire’s Summer 2021 feature.

Her latest braided ‘do is a stunning combination of burgundy and orange that looks both sophisticated and youthful, perfectly paired with her grey Gucci suit. To finish off the sleek style, she added metallic bronze nails and lush green eyeshadow for an elevated touch.

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