Tortoise Shell Cover Crochet

Tortoise Shell Cover Crochet Tutorial

Tortoise shell cover crochet patterns make ideal gifts for any turtle owner who wants their pet to stay cozy and warm. Plus, it’s an easy pattern that anyone can easily follow to make.

This delightful turtle cover crochet tutorial showcases a puffy shell turtle’s shell along with contrast colour accents created through surface crochet. For an even more unique and fun design than your standard turtle shell cover, try this surface crochet variation instead!

No matter if you prefer a vibrant turtle with bold colors or something more subdued, this pattern is simple and fast to complete. All that’s required are some basic stitches and basic surface crochet skills – just pick your colors!

Begin by cutting a length of green yarn approximately 5 1/2” long. This will be your band that attaches to the back of your elastic and you can crochet around it for decorative purposes. Depending on how thick you would like your band to be, use either smaller or larger amounts depending on preference.

You may wish to add a small ring of yellow yarn around the top of your shell for additional stability and an eye-catching appearance!

Next, crochet a long row of stitches (about 3 or 4 rows) at the bottom of your shell. Make it in either the same color as the shell, or choose another hue to better reflect the turtle’s personality!

Once you’ve completed this strand of stitches, continue crocheting in rounds until your shell has the desired shape. Doing so will give it a nice curve and prevent it from being too flat.

Once your shell is the desired shape, begin crocheting the legs and head for your turtle. Alternatively, if desired, you could sew these in place instead.

Finished Size: About 15″ in diameter. The thicker shell than a traditional turtle shell should provide adequate support for your tortoise’s body heat and moisture during natural activity.

The shell is also quite durable, made from a strong cotton blend yarn. This means your turtle can wear it for years without breaking or becoming damaged.

Tip: If you don’t like how your color is changing, don’t fret – simply work one last stitch of the previous color right up until your last yarn over and then switch to the new hue. This will make the change much less visible!

Add some flair to your turtle’s shell by attaching some cute buttons! They’re easy to make and sure to be a conversation starter when people see them. Just be sure to coordinate them with other parts of the shell so they don’t clash!

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