Tornado Warning Mt Juliet

Davidson County Tornado Warning System

The Metro Outdoor Tornado Warning System is a federally funded grant that began in 2002. It has been enhanced and expanded, with the addition of 20 new sites. The system is now broader and better, and covers more of Davidson County than ever. A recent upgrade to the system includes the addition of new siren equipment that emits a more recognizable warning signal.

The Davidson County tornado warning system is only activated when the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning. This system also tests sirens on a daily basis. There are a total of 93 locations within the county that are monitored. For information on the system, visit the website.

An EF-1 tornado touched down in Mount Juliet on Saturday morning. The storm brought strong winds and destroyed dozens of homes and businesses. Among the fatalities were Jim Eaton and Donna Eaton. Another person was injured, but was released from the hospital.

Many of the homes were damaged by falling trees. One home had its roof lifted off, and several others had their power lines toppled. Some of the damage was to barns and outbuildings. In addition, several goats were destroyed.

While the damage was less than the damage caused by the downtown Nashville tornado, it was still a tragedy. A home in Greenwood Apartments was the hardest hit. Nearby, the Dickson Convention Center/Flea Port USA lost part of its roof. At least two dozen businesses suffered minor damage. However, a few other structures suffered more serious damage.

The tornado left a path 6.5 miles long and approximately 300 yards wide. Most of the path ran between Yeargan Road and Rivergate Mall. According to Montgomery County EMA, 108 homes were damaged in the region. Several of the homes were mobile homes. Several tree limbs were blown down on Interstate 24.

In addition to destroying dozens of homes, the tornado damaged signs, downed power lines, and destroyed cars. One mobile home flipped more than twenty feet. Other mobile homes had minor damage.

In Barfield, TN, the tornado damaged several homes, including a brick home that was ripped apart and blown into woods. The tornado also destroyed the garage of a neighbor’s house, which is just a few yards away. Several trees were blown down, causing damage to a house on the other side of the road.

The tornado also smashed the roof of a school building, and the garage of a neighbor’s house. Damage to the school was mostly roof damage. Also, several buildings were damaged, including a post office. Approximately twenty-five residences were damaged, and a number of cattle were killed.

As the tornado moved through the region, it was reported that the air was very thick. One woman was injured by flying glass. She was taken to a local hospital.

The Mt. Juliet area has a total of five elected officials, all of whom are part-time employees. They serve four-year terms. Each official is responsible for a particular district.

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