Tommy Zizzo Car Accident

Tommy Zizzo – The Victim of a Tragic Car Accident

Tommy Zizzo was recently in a tragic car accident. He was returning home from a confrontation with a robber when he was involved in an accident on the 15th of September 2021. As a result, he had to undergo eye surgery. According to recent reports, Tommy Zizzo was worth approximately $300,000 as of early 2022.

Zizzo is a police officer and has attended the Rhodes School in New York City. He then completed the LAPD academy. Tommy was a member of the New Jersey Police Activity League during his explorer years. Upon graduating from the academy, he decided to join the LAPD. He is currently based in New Jersey and Los Angeles.

Zizzo’s parents separated when he was a toddler. His mother Erika adopted him along with his stepfather Thomas Girardi. He later married an attorney. The two later had a child together. Tommy Zizzo is white, and a citizen of the United States. His mother Erika is a former model who attended Rhodes Preparatory School. She was also a member of the Hunk Mansion club. Zizzo is currently a Los Angeles Police Department officer. As an explorer, he worked previously for the Jersey City Police Activity League.

Zizzo was born in New York City. He is an American citizen and the son of Erika Jayne. He attended the Rhodes School as well as the Los Angeles Police Department Academy. He graduated from this academy in 2016. His mother Erika and Tommy’s father Thomas were separated when he was a baby.

Zizzo’s father and ex-husband are estimated to be worth over $5 million each. They share a Los Angeles home that is worth $880,000. The couple has no other children. Both are unable to discuss their finances or the details surrounding their tragic car accident.

Zizzo’s parents did not have much contact with Tommy’s biological father. He may have never even met him. His stepfather Thomas Girardi raised Zizzo. Tommy and Erika divorced in 2005. Zizzo did not have much contact with their biological father. Before entering the Los Angeles Police Department academy, he attended the Rhodes School as well as New York College.

Pasadena Police does not cover the accident. Although he didn’t get injured, Erika didn’t mention his car accident to the detective. Despite this, Erika Girardi is likely to talk about his situation in season 12. If she does, it’s likely that she will discuss the car accident with her husband in the near future.

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