Tommy Bahama Straw Bags

Tommy Bahama Straw Bags

Straw bags have become a summer must-have, transitioning from beach accessories to year-round fashion items. Crafted with natural fibers like raffia, wicker or palm straw, they’re lightweight yet strong enough for carrying all your summer necessities in any shape or size you can imagine.

Straw bags are the perfect way to show off your relaxed beach style and make you stand out from the competition. Makeda Saggau-Sackey recommends opting for a large tote when shopping for one, as it will hold all of your summer essentials (including a beach towel) while still looking sophisticated and put together.

Straw hats are another essential item to have in your spring and summer wardrobe. Whether you’re into golfing or not, a hat can protect your head from the sun while keeping it cool and stylish – like this Tommy Bahama raffia braid safari hat!

Top of the line straw hats typically feature premium materials, meaning they’ll last for years and make an excellent investment. AAKS uses raffia as its sustainable material of choice for their hats, which feature eye-catching patterns as well as being highly durable when properly cared for.

The straw hat is undoubtedly the most stylish and functional straw bag there is. Tommy Bahama’s raffia-brimmed straw hat makes an excellent addition to your beach outfit or other casual looks, serving as extra coverage when out in the sun for longer periods of time.

Best of all, this hat is lightweight and breathable – keeping you cool and comfortable on hot summer days. Plus, it comes in an array of colors so you can find the perfect match for your next beach or poolside outing.

Fun fact: The hat’s brim is actually faux leather stripes that extend over your head, which can be reshaped to fit better on smaller heads or those who prefer keeping their hair tied back in style.

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