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Tom Felton and Emma Watson Are Best Friends

Tom Felton and Emma Watson, despite playing characters who frequently fought each other during the Harry Potter franchise, have always been close friends. They can often be seen together in photos, hanging out outside of work, and seem to get along like a house on fire.

Harry Potter has had a lasting effect on both actors, and they have expressed their admiration for it openly. Rumours about them dating since the first film came out have swirled, yet they always maintain that they are simply friends.

According to Tom Felton’s memoir Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard, his friendship with Watson did not start off well during their childhood years together. He revealed that they would tease each other during their early days on set for Harry Potter, particularly during its initial days shooting.

Felton eventually admitted his feelings for Watson and was delighted for her success. Although their relationship didn’t feel romantic at first glance, Felton still felt a strong connection to her.

She was an incredibly gifted actress, capable of portraying various characters with ease. Additionally, she showed great kindness towards Tom and always took good care of him.

He was also incredibly kind during his time on set, always helping her out when necessary. She even contributed to the writing of his first book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

They possess great intellect and communication skillsets. Additionally, they show each other support when it comes to their careers, as well as having a shared appreciation of literature.

The couple have been seen in a variety of settings, such as premiers. They always look stylish no matter the occasion – for instance, in 2012 they donned dresses from Alexander McQueen and Schiaparelli that they paired with black leather accessories for an edgy yet chic ensemble.

In 2019, they traveled to South Africa together and were photographed wearing ‘women do it better’ T-shirts on the beach. This picture sent sexy vibes through social media platforms and led fans to speculate that they might be dating each other.

Emma and Tom developed an intense crush on each other during their tenure working on the Harry Potter films. Although they had been friends for some time before then, rumours of a romantic relationship began to circulate once they became famous and started working on the movies.

At the time of their casting as Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy, they were the youngest actors on set of the series. It was essential for them to get along with one another since they would be playing rivals at Hogwarts school in their fictional realm.

Their relationship didn’t blossom into romance until later in life when they both had more professional experience, yet they have always prioritized their friendship above all else. They are immensely proud of one another and truly happy together.

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