Tiktok Spanish Song Flores

TikTok Spanish Song – Con Flores

The TikTok Spanish song, Con Flores, has become one of the most popular trends on the social network. Users on the site create dance films to this popular song. Currently, the song has over 30.8 million streams and over 19 thousand likes. However, the song’s lyrics are not well understood.

Although the lyrics are in Spanish, it is still difficult to understand the words. This makes it difficult to sing the song as a non-Spanish speaker. Most people who have sung the song online have said that they “vibe” to the song. But, what is the actual meaning of the song?

Renata Flores is an Indigenous singer from the Andean town of Ayacucho. She was introduced to the music world by her parents, who played in a rock band. Her mother used to play a blues song in Quechua for her daughter. With the help of her grandmother, Julia, Renata went on to pursue her love for music. After her first album, Renata’s music has become a hit among the Indigenous population in Peru. Now, she has been able to make her dreams of becoming a rapper come true.

Renata’s first album, Isqun, explores the historical figures of women in Peru. The songs feature heartbreaking lyrics and soft rhythms. It also addresses gender issues and sexuality in the country.

In 2013, “Como La Flor” hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart. It has since spawned a series of clever videos that use the song’s signature pause. Netflix even offers karaoke versions of the song. Other artists who have covered the song include Kacey Musgraves, whom the song was originally written for.

The TikTok user, Joy, has posted her own version of the song. While the video has only a fraction of the views that Renata’s version has received, it has already garnered more than a million likes.

As of October 2021, the Nuestra Cancion video has nearly two million views. This is because many content creators have been making videos of themselves dancing to the song. Several of the videos have been viewed over a million times.

The dance is a fun way to learn the song’s lyrics. Many of the lyrics talk about love. For example, the song says that “It was love that gave me letters.” Another interesting lyric is about love that “broke my heart a second time.”

The music of Con Flores is catchy and has a very groovy vibe. It combines elements of Latin and European music. Currently, the song has been translated into Quechua. You can find the lyrics on Genius.

Despite its unclear meaning, the TikTok Con Flores trend has become a huge success. People all over the world are creating dance videos to this song. Even the Russian artist Moreart has released a version of the song. There is no real rule as to what a dance video needs to be. Nevertheless, users have created a massive fan base. They are creative and rewarding with the entertainment factor.

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