The Last Dance Subtitles

Aiqi Sun Translates The Last Dance Subtitles

Aiqi Sun, a University of North Carolina student from Qingdao in China, translated subtitles for ESPN’s Michael Jordan documentary series called The Last Dance that was watched by over six million viewers across 10 episodes – becoming its highest-watched ever documentary series ever! This made The Last Dance one of their most-viewed documentaries ever.

It does not appear that The Last Dance seeks to alter anyone’s opinion of Michael Jordan, even though it devotes considerable attention to discussing his family life and interactions with teammates (which sometimes come off as disrespectful in interviews; players interviewed for the film generally defend him). Instead, its focus lies more within basketball itself, specifically how teams can form that are so dominant they win so often and so decisively.

And, importantly, this story tells how much of that had to do with Jordan and his unique brand of leadership.

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