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The Crew Chef is a True Devotee of the Culinary Arts

Whether it is the latest and greatest super yacht or the quaintly named Motor Yacht Trevelry, the crew chef is a true devotee of the culinary arts. Aside from being a seasoned chef, she is a yachting industry columnist and YouTube aficionado. Her Instagram account is also a virtual diary of her travels and culinary exploits. She posts pictures of the food she cooks and the sights she sees on her way there. One of the most enjoyable aspects of her job is the opportunity to travel to exotic destinations, and this is a luxury that she takes full advantage of.

As a true connoisseur of the culinary arts, she is not above snooping around for the next best dish. This includes sampling the cuisines of others, as well as sharing the bounty with her crew. She is the chef of record on the 180-foot Amels superyacht Revelry. In addition to her responsibilities as a top chef, she is also the proud holder of the “best in class” designation awarded to her crew.

Her most notable accomplishment is her ability to churn out a memorable dish for a discerning client. For this entails a great deal of attention to detail. In the kitchen, she is aided by a team of five other sous chefs, including a talented young gun and one of her own. Fortunately, they are more than willing to share their secrets of the trade. And, they have a great time doing it. Not to mention, they eat a lot.

Another aficionado of the culinary arts is her husband, Captain Tristan Mortlock, who is the captain of the 122-foot San Lorenzo superyacht AWOL. Their other aforementioned notable accomplishment is the production of a podcast, which you can tune in to via their YouTube channel. Besides the fact that they can be counted amongst the finest entertainers in the business, they have a unique and unique sense of humor. Having said that, it’s not surprising that their friendship has been marred by numerous high-profile tiffs.

Lastly, and most certainly not least, the crew chef is one of the most entertaining characters you’ll meet. She has been hailed as the most affable member of the crew. Throughout her time on the decks, she’s made friends with some of the most senior crew members on the yacht, including former mates Emily Warburton-Adams and Kate Chastain.

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