The Blur Car Little Rascals

Little Rascals: The Blur Car 2

This is a sequel to the successful 2014 movie, the blur car, and follows two of the most adorable siblings in the world. Darla and Waldo reunite in this sequel as they attempt to sing a duet. The two originally planned to sing with Alfalfa, but he gets upset when the two end up on the same stage. In order to make up for the incident, Waldo decides to sing to Darla instead. He loses his talent when Spanky tries to ruin it by lifting him up on the stage. Additionally, Waldo puts soap in his water before singing, causing him to burp during the song. This results in Darla leaving him in tears after he makes a terrible performance.

In this retelling of the popular cartoon, the boys are now teenagers. They live in a small New Hampshire town. Spanky lives with his aunt Darla, and they all go to school together. Alfalfa’s brother, Spanky, is a prize-winning go-kart driver and is secretly in love with Darla. The boys fall in love and form a secret club to keep their relationship private.

A small boy from a small town tries to be an adult. But he has a bigger dream. He aims to be the best engineer in his town. He wants to make money and be the best. He wants to be rich, but he isn’t very good at it yet. He doesn’t want his job to be lost. In order to succeed, he should be a top-rated engineer, who can withstand pressure and time.

The movie is a compilation the classic Little Rascals shorts. It was directed by Penelope Spheeris. While the film is aiming to preserve a classic feel, the film does have a contemporary twist on many of its plot points. Three Smart Guys (1943) shows Porky and Buckwheat fishing. Anniversary Trouble (1935) shows the gang getting a “hi/high-sign.” Another classic short, Hearts Are Thumps (1937), shows the gang riding a firetruck. Similarly, Old-Fashioned Rowboat Date (1932), shows Alfalfa and Darla going out for an old-fashioned rowboat date.

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