That 70s Show Couple Costume

That 70s Show Couple Costume Ideas

Fans of That 70s Show know the production went to great lengths to produce costumes that reflected its setting – whether that meant dressing Hyde in band t-shirt from his band or Jackie in disco attire from Jackie – that were true to era. As with any show, however, There were some subtle issues which made certain scenes unconvincing; these included band t-shirt worn by Hyde or Jackie wearing her disco attire in disco outfit. Unfortunately for fans however, many critics noticed some flaws which made scenes unconvincingly real while at other times it wasn’t perfect and so made an era very believable; still many audiences found fault with its portrayals; such as Hyde wearing band t-shirt worn by Hyde or Jackie wearing her disco outfit, however! But like any show it had its share of criticism as critics pointed out its shortcomings which made its portrayals.

These flaws did not take away from the show overall, but did bring attention to what wasn’t true to period. While it is clear that this production aimed for accuracy, costume designers will tell you it is often difficult to achieve it.

Now is the time to plan for Halloween costumes! For an enjoyable throwback theme this year, look no further than these 70s show couple costume ideas to get inspired.

The 1970s were known for their fashion sense, and few pairs more epitomized that than these iconic duos. You can dress as Laverne and Shirley or Charlie’s Angels; there are plenty of cute best friend costume ideas out there for couples. Music fans will especially love dressing as their favorite musicians such as Elton John or Diana Ross!

Men have no shortage of choices when it comes to That 70s Show costumes; their options are as diverse. Men can create simple or intricate looks. A basic option could include pairing a denim jacket and t-shirt with colored pants or jeans for an easy and casual look, or for something more dramatic you could put together an entire suit.

Dressing as Hyde and Jackie requires going all out with the outfits. Jackie was known to be a style icon on the show; her ensembles reflected this. From band t-shirts with cool slogans or patterns, to patterned shirts that looked effortlessly cool – her look went perfectly with her long blonde locks and bolo tie.

Add an air of elegance and glamour to your That 70s Show costume by wearing a classic cocktail dress featuring a black bow. Pairing this look with stiletto heels will only enhance its glamour!

If you and your partner want something a bit less serious for Halloween, dress as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head for an eye-catching and humorous costume from the 1970s! This costume shows both your sense of humor as well as appreciation of its decade.

Reliving your childhood can be great fun; dressing as Danny and Sandy from The Sound of Music will allow you to do just that. Don’t forget to hand out some candy when dressing as this iconic couple!

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