Teddy Roosevelt Costume

How to Create a Teddy Roosevelt Costume

A Teddy Roosevelt costume is a great choice for historical-themed parties. The costume is made to look like a military uniform and comes with the jacket, pants, hat, belt, and boot tops. It features gold buttons, insignia details, and a sword loop. To complete the look, add brown shoes.

A classic Teddy Roosevelt costume is easy to create at home using simple materials. A slouch hat is a great choice, as was the style of the Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War. A pin made from plastic toy store is an inexpensive option for a costume pin, although a metal replica might be more appropriate for a special event. As President of the United States, Teddy Roosevelt is known for his conservation efforts and was instrumental in creating the U.S. Forest Service and many parks and preserves throughout the country.

A Teddy Roosevelt costume is an excellent choice for Presidents Day or any theme party. These authentic-looking costumes feature the president in a number of different settings, from a moose hunt to wilderness exploration. This costume is a great option for both adults and children.

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