Tangle Pets Shark Tank Husband Died

Tangle Pets’ Shark Tank Investor

After appearing on Shark Tank, Tangle Pets founder was able to secure an investment from Lori Greiner. Now available across Bed Bath & Beyond stores as well as Walmart and Target retailers, its product has received positive feedback from consumers.

Liz Martin is the creator of Tangle Pets; a mother of two young daughters who struggled with their unruly hair. To make brushing more enjoyable and ensure proper cleaning of their locks, she developed Tangle Pets: a combination brush/plush animal toy product available in Ladybug, Kitty Cat, Puppy, and Seal varieties.

Liz was very animated during her pitch. She informed the sharks of her quest for $75,000 in exchange for 35% ownership in her business of $214,286 and provided samples including ladybug, cat and puppy figurines to each. After hearing Liz’s concept and seeing the samples given out by the sharks, they agreed to invest.

But not every investor was as enthusiastic about Liz’s tangle pets as Liz was. Kevin O’Leary wasn’t convinced they fit his brand well, offering only minimal capital to support it. Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec seemed more open-minded towards the idea, though both expressed reservations as to whether it had enough momentum.

Liz was not discouraged by the sharks’ doubts when it came to her product tangle pets and continued pushing forward with it regardless. To show their commitment and show she meant business she even promised that during interactions she would show her nipples to demonstrate this commitment to her product.

Lori Greiner decided to invest in Tangle Pets after Liz demonstrated its use quickly and efficiently; Lori also saw its potential to become an industry standard for children’s brushes.

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