Syndaver Labs Net Worth

SynDaver Labs Net Worth

SynDaver Labs has been a highly successful venture for several years. Founded by Christopher Sakezles, the company has been featured on Shark Tank and holds over ten patents. The net worth of the company is estimated at several billion dollars. The company is still in business and is producing multimillion-dollar income each year. The founder expressed his frustration at the possibility of losing such a massive investment.

Christopher Sakezles founded SynDaver Labs

In 2015, Christopher Sakezles sold 25% of his company for $3 million to Robert Herjavec. The Tampa-based startup produces synthetic bodies for medical testing and education. These artificial bodies can resemble the physical features and biochemical properties of live tissue. In fact, SynDaver cadavers are life-like enough to substitute for human cadavers in many applications.

Since its founding in 2004, the company has raised approximately $2 million to fund product development. And with a burgeoning business model and impressive track record, the company is likely to have a long line for the next private offering or buyout. Originally from Tampa, Sakezles earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of South Florida and a master’s in materials science from the University of Florida.

After raising $10 million in a private offering last month, SynDaver is currently screening potential investors for a second round. The company plans to raise another $10 million within the next year and may launch a public offering in the next two years.

Company has 10 patents

SynDaver Labs is a biotech firm that produces artificial bodies based on water, fibers, and salts. It employs more than 100 people in the U.S. and has over ten patents covering its materials and manufacturing processes. The company has been featured on television shows including Mythbusters, Grey’s Anatomy, Shipping Wars, and more.

The latest SynDaver Labs patent covers anatomical models that simulate the structures of human and non-human animals. These models can be used to design orthopedic surgical devices or implants. The company has also received five patents for products incorporating the models. SynDaver is planning to raise another round of private financing next year.

The company has had phenomenal growth in recent years and has received praise from industry experts. It has also appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank and MythBusters, and has even had its products featured on television shows like Grey’s Anatomy and CSI. Its patented products have even been used on Grey’s Anatomy and on the CSI finale.

Christopher Sakezles has appeared on Shark Tank

SynDaver Labs is a Tampa-based company that makes artificial cadavers for medical research. Its product is called “synthetic human” and can be used for clinical training, device studies, and surgery simulation. In a recent Shark Tank appearance, the company’s owner said he hopes to create 500 jobs within the company in the next few years. Sakezles founded the company in 2004 after realizing he needed a better way to test medical devices. He couldn’t afford the high costs of animal studies, so he decided to create a synthetic cadaver instead.

Despite the unexpected result of his Shark Tank appearance, Sakezles said he’s satisfied with the outcome. His startup SynDaver has generated more than $10 million in sales in the past three years, and he hopes to raise at least $5 million from additional investors and double the staff over the next three years.

Christopher Sakezles’ company, SynDaver Labs, has been around for a decade, and produces lifelike body parts for the medical industry. The company has the largest database of human and animal tissues.

Company is worth billions of dollars

SynDaver Labs is a medical simulation company that manufactures synthetic cadavers that are as lifelike as human tissue. These artificial bodies cost $100,000 and have the ability to breathe and bleed, respond to surgery, and look like autopsy subjects. In fact, the company’s creator got a phone call from a TV show producer the day after his product arrived in L.

In order to get his synthetic human startup off the ground, Christopher sought help from outside investors. He made an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank show and asked for $3 million in exchange for a 10% stake in the company. After receiving the investment, Christopher and his team managed to close the deal.

SynDaver Labs is based in Florida and was created in 2004 by Christopher Sakezles. He was a scientist who worked at the University of Florida. Researchers discovered a substance that mimicked human and animal tissues. This research led to the development of technology that is now being used by SynDaver Labs. Since then, the company has grown rapidly. It has also been featured on Mythbusters, Grey’s Anatomy, and the CSI finale.

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