Sweet Ballz Net Worth 2022

Sweet Ballz Net Worth 2022

Whether you love them or hate them, it’s a fact that sweet ballz are one of the biggest and most popular candy brands out there. The good news is that you can find them in a variety of flavors and they are relatively easy to make. You can also order them from your favorite store, whether you’re looking for a birthday gift or just a treat.

James McDonald

Founded by James McDonald and Cole Egger, Sweet Ballz is a company that manufactures and distributes cake balls. These thick fudgy spheres are covered in icing and sold at 7-11 locations. They sell for $70 for a set of 48 balls. The company distributes through thousands of 7-11 stores in the United States.

The company generated $700k in sales in three months. They had distribution agreements with over 5,000 7-11 locations in the United States. They also have a co-packing facility in Dallas. They also have plans to launch a store in Fall. However, they are currently operating as a side hustle.

Sweet Ballz was introduced on Shark Tank season five. During the season, the company snagged a quarter million dollar deal with two sharks. Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran invested in Sweet Ballz. They received a 25 percent share of the company.

Cole Egger

Developed by Cole Egger and James McDonald, Sweet Ballz is a brand of cake balls coated with icing. It is a company that distributes to 7-11 stores, food service outlets, and retail outlets throughout the United States. It sells in packs of four, but they also come in Fun Packs with 24 cake balls. They are packaged in a thermal cooler. The cake balls are supposed to be good for about three weeks when frozen.

The company was founded by James McDonald, who had been baking cake balls for his friends for a while. He started making them as a side business. The business has grown to over 5,000 7-11 locations throughout the United States.

After the show, the company launched an app. It quickly reached seven million downloads. There are two types of Sweet Ballz, one that comes in a fun pack with 24 cake balls and another that comes in a variety pack with 24 cake balls and an assortment of candy and ice cream.

Porch Swing Desserts

During their appearance on the television show Shark Tank, Sweet Ballz’s valuation was estimated at a quarter million dollars. The two young men who were developing the product – James McDonald and Cole Egger – sought a $250,000 investment for a twenty-five percent stake in the company.

After the appearance, the company generated $700,000 in sales. They sold the product in nearly every 7-11 store. In addition to the store sales, the company had an online presence. The website offered a wide selection of products, and offered bulk-purchase discounts. Sweet Ballz is now distributed to over 5,000 retail stores countrywide. They are recommended to be eaten within three weeks of purchase.

After a temporary restraining order was filed, the owner of Sweet Ballz filed a permanent injunction. However, the website is still up and running.

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