Supernatural Improvised Scenes

How Supernatural Improvised Scenes Make It Into the Show

While it may seem like most TV shows go by the script, there are a number of instances where improvised scenes and dialogue actually make it into the show. It’s not uncommon for actors to go off script for dramatic effect, or even to make up dialogue that wasn’t in the original script. In some cases, these scenes are so entertaining that the producers decide to keep them on the show.

Dean and Michael break down a wall in one episode and then stop to put on goggles. The chips and dust got into Michael Ackles’ eyes so the crew had the task of creating a safer pair of eyewear. Another scene that involves improvised dialogue involves Dean and Michael arguing with Castiel and their relationship with the other members of the supernatural community.

One scene that has the biggest effect on audiences is a scene where Sam and Dean come to a bunker that is belonging to the Men of Letters, an organization dedicated to hunting demons. The bunker, which is a huge center, has become an iconic part of the show. John Marcynuk, the art director, saw the bunker as a way to integrate many parts of the show’s history. He even called it the show’s “enterprise”.

Another scene that is full of supernatural elements was improvised by Dzhared Padaleki and Misha Kollinz. The actors had to learn how to quickly and accurately form their lines. The actors had to work together for hours on the scene to make it all happen in a single day.

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