Stranger Things Logo Outline

Stranger Things Logo Outline

Fans of science fiction series Stranger Things may have noticed its distinctive logo. Not only does it capture the show’s distinctive aesthetic and tone, but it also serves as an effective marketing tool.

Matt and Ross Duffer of Imaginary Forces created the Stranger Things logo outline in 2016 when its first season premiered. To pay homage to 1980s graphic design aesthetic elements as well as Stephen King novels, the design incorporates both elements.

To achieve this look, the designers took inspiration from Stephen King’s cover typography. They chose ITC Benguiat font, created in 1978 by New York typographer Ed Benguiat.

This typeface exudes a classic horror vibe while being highly legible and contemporary. It perfectly captures the eerie 80s atmosphere that Stranger Things is known for.

Michelle Dougherty at Imaginary Forces chose this font because it “resembled a Stephen King novel font meets the title sequence of Alien.” This creates an aesthetically pleasing combination – just like the show itself!

Stranger Things’ logo design utilizes gradients along with font, creating a blurred and messy appearance reminiscent of the characters’ shifting realities.

In this instance, the gradients are both a stylistic choice and also an allusion to the show’s struggle to separate worlds.

Season one and two’s logos feature red outlines, while season three’s emblem features block black letters outlined in crimson to symbolize its tragic storyline. It is rendered using a soft gradient with darker edges like the letter outline, while using the same adapted ITC Benguiat font as its predecessors.

The repainted letters feature a hollow inside and solid outside, signifying that the show’s characters are struggling to survive in the Upside Down. Additionally, the numeral 3 is rendered with a dark red gradient with dark edges to signify how hard these individuals are working to separate themselves from this alternate reality.

As such, the Stranger Things logo outline serves as a prime example of how to craft an eye-catching symbol without using too much visual clutter. It’s truly testament to the efficacy of effective teamwork in design.

When creating an iconic logo, the most essential factor is having a visually pleasing design that accurately reflects your brand’s identity. And in this regard, Stranger Things logo outline certainly holds up well.

This logo was designed in 2016 by the Duffer brothers and Imaginary Forces with ITC Benguiat font, a serif-style typeface with an eye-catching aesthetic. It evokes classic horror books by Stephen King while remaining highly legible.

In addition to its font, Stranger Things’ logo outline is reminiscent of neon signs seen in hotels and shops during the 1980s. As such, this iconic design will remain memorable for years to come.

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