Steve Martorano Net Worth

Steve Martorano Net Worth

Despite his humble background, Steve Martorano is a successful celebrity chef, nightclub DJ, and cannabis business owner. Having made his name in the industry, he is currently living a life of luxury in the Los Angeles area. His career has afforded him a net worth of $10 million.

Celebrity chef

Throughout his career, Chef Steve Martorano has gained a reputation as one of the most successful restaurateurs in the world. He is the founder and owner of the popular Italian-American restaurant, Cafe Martorano, which has two locations in Las Vegas and three in Florida. The chef has also developed a line of pasta sauces, a jewelry line and apparel.

Before Martorano opened Cafe Martorano in 1993, he was a DJ. He also worked in several nightclubs and discos in his hometown of South Philadelphia. He also worked for the Gambino family at Valentino’s in Cherry Hill, N.J. In the early 1990s, Martorano moved to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to enter the restaurant business.

After opening the original Cafe Martorano, he expanded to a second location in Las Vegas’ Rio Casino. He has also opened Cafe Martorano in Paris Las Vegas Casino. He also opened a third restaurant in South Florida. Martorano is currently working on a new chain of pizzerias. Martorano’s marinara sauce is sold at Publix supermarkets in Florida.

Cannabis business owner

Among the many cannabis business operators in the burgeoning Pennsylvania marketplace, one of the most interesting is Steve Martorano, an old school wise guy who once trafficked tons of marijuana and other illegal substances. Martorano has since reinvented himself as a “weed guy” and now owns a cannabis infused coffee and tea lounge, Hip Hemp Cafe, in South Philadelphia. Martorano was once dubbed by the FBI as a kingpin of the marijuana industry.

One of Martorano’s many achievements is the creation of Philadelphia’s first CBD lounge. He employs five millennials and is planning on opening a dozen more lounges in the near future. Martorano is also a self-proclaimed cannabis enthusiast and aspires to be a weed ambassador. He has been a guest speaker at the Seattle Hempfest and is a mentor to students from local grade schools. Among other things, he is a motivational speaker and a certified intervention specialist.

The most interesting thing about Martorano is that he has been able to get away with selling products infused with CBD in a state where marijuana is still illegal.

Nightclub DJ

Founded by Steve Martorano, Cafe Martorano in Fort Lauderdale is the hottest restaurant in South Florida. The restaurant is open from six p.m. to midnight, and draws a crowd of regulars as well as celebrity clientele. In addition to its great food, the restaurant boasts a variety of entertainment, including a DJ, cooking shows, and a lights show.

Cafe Martorano is owned by Steve Martorano and Marsha Daley-Martorano. They are cousins of the famous mobster Long John Martorano. The restaurant is located in a strip mall on Oakland Park Boulevard at A1A. The restaurant has a menu filled with Philadelphia-style Italian comfort food, including Bucatini Carbonara, Eggplant Stack, Chicken Cacciatore, and Pappardelle with sausage.

The restaurant is designed in an eclectic mix of white walls and sleek marble. The restaurant features an interactive lighting system, a custom DJ booth, high-definition televisions, and classic movie scenes. Martorano’s music playlist is a mix of old-time Philly favorites and today’s hits. Martorano also controls the sound and video. He also personally selects the guest DJs.

Family life

Known for his inspirational speeches and signature apparel, Steve Martorano has become a household name in the restaurant world. He’s the owner of Martorano’s Italian-American Kitchen, and he’s also published a cookbook, It Ain’t Sauce, It’s Gravy.

His success hasn’t come without risk, though. He started out cooking as a way to pay his bills and to stay out of trouble. But after opening his first restaurant in his mother’s basement, he found himself working the kitchen line. His passion for food and his dedication to the craft earned him respect from other line cooks. Now he’s a successful restaurant owner, and he has plans to open his second restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip.

In addition to his restaurants, Steve Martorano has a retail line of pasta sauces. He’s also a regular on TV, and he’s appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live several times. This year, he’s going to be filming an Italian-American Thanksgiving segment on the Today show.

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