Stephen A Smith Net Worth 2022

Stephen A Smith Net Worth 2022

Whether you’re a fan of Stephen A Smith or a student of his work, you’ve probably wondered how much his net worth is. In fact, you’ve probably heard about his net worth many times, but not exactly what it is. This article will give you an idea of how much he’s worth.


During his professional career, Stephen A Smith has accumulated a large fortune. He’s earned millions of dollars for his work as a sports commentator and radio host. He is one of the highest paid people in ESPN’s history and is on track to be the first person to earn $10 million with the company.

Smith was born and raised in the Hollis neighborhood of Queens. His father was a former baseball player from the Virgin Islands and his mother was a nurse. He attended Thomas Edison High School in Queens. He received a basketball scholarship and played under Hall of Fame coach Clarence Gaines. He was the second-youngest of six siblings.

Stephen A Smith is now an ESPN First Take commentator. He is a talking head on ESPN’s flagship morning show and also has his own show on ESPN+. He has amassed a social media following of 12 million.

Early life

During his early years, Stephen A Smith lived in Hollis, Queens, New York. He attended local schools and played basketball. He was a good player during his teenage years. He graduated from Thomas Edison High School in Queens, New York. He also received a basketball scholarship to Winston-Salem State University.

In college, Stephen gained membership to Omega Psi Phi, an African-American fraternity. After graduating from college, he began his career as a sports writer. He joined the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1994. He was then a columnist for the newspaper’s sports page. He covered NBA games and wrote a general sports column. He also worked briefly for the New York Daily News.

Stephen A Smith is also a sports radio host. He began his career as a radio personality in the mid-2000s. He has also appeared on sports shows such as Pardon the Interruption and Jim Rome is Burning. He currently co-hosts a radio show with Molly Qerim and Skip Bayless. His radio show is called First Take. He also writes a column for the Winston-Salem Journal. He has appeared on several television shows and has been a guest on several podcasts. He has also been an NBA analyst for CNN. He is a lifelong New York Knicks fan.


Throughout his career, Smith has appeared in a number of TV and radio programs. Some of his most notable appearances include “First Take,” “NBA Countdown,” and “The Daily Show.” Smith has also been a guest speaker at the Black Enterprise Black Men XCEL Summit.

Smith is an excellent sportscaster and sportswriter. He has been a guest on The Daily Show and has written for several sports publications. He is a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer and has contributed to ESPN websites.

Smith has also been active on talk radio. He joined the Mad Dog Sports Channel on Sirius XM in 2013. His show can be heard in New York and across the country through syndication. Smith has also been featured on the CNN/SI program “The Daily.”

Smith joined ESPN in 2003 and he is a very familiar face on the cable network. He started out as an NBA Shootaround analyst and has been involved with several programs at the network. He also appears on “First Take” with Skip Bayless.

Personal life

Despite his outspoken comments, Stephen A Smith is single and not married. He has two daughters, but they have not been named.

Smith’s father ran a hardware store, and he has five siblings, including a half-brother. He also attended Winston-Salem State University and has a degree in journalism. He also worked for the New York Daily News and the Philadelphia Inquirer. He started his career in sports journalism while still in school. He also played basketball for his high school under Hall of Fame coach Clarence Gaines. He is a member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity, a mostly black organization.

He has been in several controversies, including making sexist comments about some players. He was also accused of suggesting Coach Kelly was a racist. His father’s death caused him some trauma. However, he says that having two daughters has made him happy again.


Whether you love or hate Stephen A Smith, you can’t deny that he’s been a prominent figure in the world of sports and media for a long time. He has earned a fortune through his work at ESPN and has become one of the highest-paid ESPN personalities.

Smith started his career in print media and eventually moved to television. He worked for The Philadelphia Inquirer, Greensborough News and Record, and Winston-Salem Journal.

Smith’s parents came from Saint Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. He graduated from Winston-Salem State University.

Stephen A Smith has been a part of ESPN since 2003. Smith hosts a radio show on WEPN radio and KSPN television. He’s also a co-host of ESPN’s popular First Take. He’s been involved in a lot of controversy throughout his career. He is known for being very provocative and speaking his mind.

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