Stephanie Mcmahon Wardrobe Malfunction

Stephanie McMahon’s Wardrobe Mistake

One of the best heel stories in the WWE is Stephanie McMahon’s wardrobe malfunction more than a decade ago. She was wearing an all-leather dress when her right boob popped out. This isn’t the first time McMahon has had a wardrobe malfunction. She also had one during a fatal 4 way pay per view, when her crotch was exposed.

Stephanie McMahon has had some embarrassing moments throughout her career, including her wedding. When Stephanie and Triple H renewed their wedding vows in February 2002, she claimed that she was pregnant. Despite the fact that Stephanie was already expecting, Triple H convinced her to go ahead with the ceremony. However, he found out just a few minutes before the ceremony. Then, he waited until the perfect time to go off on her.

Stephanie McMahon’s wardrobe malfunction began when she was on Raw in 2002. Stephanie wasn’t wearing a bra under her risqué wedding dress. The resulting nipple was visible for millions of people to see. This led to her becoming one of Triple H’s worst enemies. She even sided with Triple H’s rival at WrestleMania X8.

Stephanie McMahon isn’t the only WWE superstar to have a wardrobe malfunction. She has experienced many embarrassing moments on-camera, including exposing her breasts on Monday Night RAW. She was married to a seamstress who worked at the company. This was a mistake that could have been avoided if she’d consulted a tailor.

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