Stephanie 90 Day Pregnant

Is 90 Day Pregnant Actress Stephanie Matto Really Pregnant?

If you are a fan of 90 Day Fiance, you might have heard about Stephanie Matto’s pregnancy scare. In the show, the “fart jar girl” was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a disease that causes the bone marrow to produce fewer red and white blood cells. When a person is suffering from aplastic anemia, they are prone to infection. However, in recent news, Stephanie’s health has improved dramatically.

The 45-year-old former child actor, who now lives with a French businessman, has been dating the man for more than a year. She was surprised to discover that she was two weeks late on her period and was worried about becoming pregnant. After a few weeks, she took a pregnancy test. But, the test came back negative. This was a major wake-up call for Stephanie, who had been feeling worried about her health.

Earlier this month, Stephanie discussed her plans to have children in the future. According to the woman, she’s not in a hurry to get pregnant. Rather, she’s just trying to be prepared. It was a little difficult for her to think about being a mother right now, since she doesn’t want to worry about keeping a human alive.

On 90 Day Fiance, Stephanie and her boyfriend, a man named Frenchie, had discussed a possible pregnancy. During the show, she admitted that she was concerned about getting pregnant. At the time, she was also worried about her aplastic anemia.

The condition is rare. Stephanie has been in remission for two years. However, she is still concerned about relapsing. While her body is able to make enough red and white blood cells, she’s not able to make as many as she would like, which can lead to a decline in her immune system. As a result, Stephanie feels she’s at a greater risk of infections.

Although Stephanie Meyer has revealed that she’s in love with a man in Paris, she’s not sure if she wants to have kids. Currently, she says she’s not on any kind of birth control and isn’t using any protection with her boyfriend.

Though Stephanie is worried about becoming pregnant, she is hopeful that she will not. In fact, she told her mother about the situation. However, her mom is concerned about her daughter. Her aplastic anemia is in remission, but she fears that her health could be at risk if she gets pregnant.

Despite her worries, Stephanie is very optimistic that she and Frenchie will have a happy, healthy relationship. They are very close and seem to be able to keep the spark alive. That’s why Stephanie is taking the test now.

Since Stephanie’s pregnancy scare, she’s been re-evaluating her sex life. While she does not plan on having children with Frenchie right now, she does hope to have them in the future.

Aside from being in remission from aplastic anemia, Stephanie has a busy schedule. She’s a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and creator for adult platform OnlyFans. For her new job, she’s been selling fart jars, NFTs (non-fat tabletop), and boob sweat. And she has been promoting her Skin Envy clinic.

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