Starter Hat

The History of the Starter Hat

The classic American cap, the Starter hat, is timeless. Its iconic logo was introduced in the early 90s. The company began making jackets and hats and selling them with the team logo on the back. Beckerman reached out to movie directors to get them to use Starter jackets to increase brand recognition. Eddie Murphy was one such example. He wore a Starter jacket while filming Coming to America.

As a result, the Starter became widely popular, even in the music industry. It outfitted legendary musicians like the Funkmaster Flex. In addition, Spike Lee made an endorsement deal with the company and DJ Jazzy Jeff appeared in a nationally televised ad. The hats and jackets quickly became part of popular culture, and they were so coveted that people were even mugged for them. One Chicago police sergeant said that he had to deal 50 muggers each month just to sell his jackets.

In the early 1970s, a man named David Beckham, a former college soccer player, was working as a cashier at Duckster when he noticed that the lack of flair in sports apparel was a real problem. He decided to create a company to solve this problem. In the late 1970s, Starter had sold a record $350million. The company has become a global phenomenon. It has a long history supporting athletes and teams around the world.

As part of its licensing strategy, Starter now has a wide variety of licensed sports teams, including those of the NFL and MLB. As part of this deal, Starter is now selling its active wear line in Walmart stores. However, this sports-inspired line of apparel does not feature any pro team logos. In addition to snagging the licenses of professional sports teams, Starter uses G-III Sports to sell its products through multiple outlets.

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