Stacey Cornette

Stacey Cornette Denies Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

A woman called Stacey Cornette has denied the sexual misconduct allegations against her. On Twitter, Earley posted screenshots of the conversation between the two stars. Although Cornette has denied the claims, she has not ruled out legal action. The screenshots she posted were edited to protect the identity of her friend.

Jim Cornette, a former wrestler and promoter, is facing allegations of sexual misconduct against his wife Stacy. They are alleged to have engaged in inappropriate behavior while working for Ohio Valley Wrestling, a former developmental territory for WWE. Cornette’s wife allegedly sent him sexual pictures and solicited him to perform sex acts on her.

However, Cornette’s wife Stacey has denied the accusations. She has denied using her influence to pressure wrestlers into having sex with her husband. According to independent wrestler Phil Earley, Jim Cornette and his wife were allegedly involved in sexual misconduct, and Cornette’s wife Stacey is accused of being a part of it.

Jim and Stacey have been married for a number of years. They have no children, but have a dog called Quinnarooni that just turned five years old. Before Stacey, Jim had been married to Janice Kelly Crowl for 15 years. While he doesn’t discuss his previous relationship publicly, he and Stacey appear to be happy and in love. It’s unclear what their relationship will be like in the future.

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