Soobin Can’t You See Me Outfit

Soobin Can’t You See Me Outfit

Soobin Was Aware That Something Was Wrong

After spending too long stuck in his ways, Soobin decided it was time for change. Tired of bullying schoolchildren and disobeying the law resulting in detention every day, he decided to take a risk by visiting a disco club on a dare and meet someone that made him realize things weren’t as dire as he thought they were.

TOMORROW X TOGETHERHERE made their debut through Big Hit Music on March 4th 2019. Comprised of Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu Taehyun and Huening Kai as five members in total spanning various genres such as soft pop-rock “Ghosting” to R&B tracks like “Way Home”, they made quite an impression during their inaugural album release!

Boy band Notorious MAW aren’t your typical boyband: aside from Soobin’s dapper and sleek style, each member embodies their own distinct aesthetics that distinguish themselves. Yeonjun leans more masculine while Beomgyu and Huening have more feminine touches – which I absolutely adore! What I especially admire is their youthful aesthetic; in particular the band member Yeonjun stands out.

Soobin returned to his dorm building with an air of being renewed, looking confident for their first promo and ready to give everything his all. No matter what his clothes looked like or his walk; Soobin would give his all.

Once inside, he headed straight for the showers and got himself ready. Once complete, he settled back down on his bed before scrolling through his phone until suddenly, a notification popped up with pictures up for viewing! “Jun, they are up!” he exclaimed with excitement – only slightly confused that you hadn’t informed him beforehand!

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