Sofia Vergara Halloween Costume

Sofia Vergara and Ellen DeGeneres Get Sexy in Their Halloween Costumes

Sofia Vergara has been busy on set of Modern Family, prepping for their Halloween episode. But she also took time out of her day to share some nostalgic photos on her Instagram that left fans in tears.

Vergara looks stunning in her 2004 film Soul Plane’s flight attendant outfit, which she belted to accentuate her figure.

She posed on her bed with a feather duster in hand, adding an air of seductiveness to the photo.

Next, the actress showed off a daring maid style from her younger days. In this image, she is wearing an elegant frilly black and white dress with black pumps as well as lighter hair.

The Colombian actress is not yet done with these daring looks. In her third photo, she channels Elsa from Frozen for an icy beauty look.

Her fourth photo is another seductive tribute to the Disney princess. She looks daring in a thigh-high lace dress, her bangs slicked back into the ’70s for an irresistibly playful vibe.

One fan wrote in the comments of her post, “This photo is absolutely beautiful – she looks like a fairytale princess!”

It’s evident she feels confident in her curves, and the sultry image was a hit on social media. Additionally, the actress shared other photos of herself and husband Joe Manganiello at the beach as they commemorate his birthday.

After being married for one and a half years, they know how to enjoy spending holidays together. Sharing photos from Casa Chipi Chipi – an undisclosed location they often stay at while away on vacation – on Instagram, they showcased their holiday celebrations.

Ellen DeGeneres is no stranger to making a fool of herself on television, so it was no shock when she donned an amusing Halloween costume. Though Sofia’s teal Zuhair Murad Emmys dress cover was unexpected, Ellen managed to turn it into something hilarious.

With the holiday season upon us, many celebrities are busy creating their best Halloween costumes to wow their fans. From Kim Kardashian’s intricate mermaid ensemble that took two months to perfect to Deryck Whibley’s ex-wife Avril Lavigne and new fiance Chad Kroeger’s creative costume design, there are some truly amazing celebrity Halloween looks this year.

In addition to the actors mentioned previously, several other actors are making some fun Halloween jokes this year. Sarah Hyland/Haley dresses up as a seductive big haired person wearing an elegant silk dressing gown and Ty Burrell is completely rebelling against a hospital theme.

Jane Lynch also dons a Halloween costume on air and performs an endearing Haunted Hallway segment with her audience.

Other celebrities doing their best to scare the crowd this Halloween include:

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